Friday, August 29, 2008

Do You Inspire? Men That I Admire

My husband is a person of inspiration! Ask anyone who knows him and they will definitely agree. He's always been someone who leaves a positive impression on everyone he meets but even more so since his cancer diagnosis. I remember that day when the doctor gave us the devastating news of terminal cancer and a three month longevity. My daughter and I were devastated, but my husband just lay in his hospital bed, accepting his fate and instantly his thoughts were on his family and not his illness. He has travelled a difficult road since that time on many occasions, but his strength and determination to never give up, is truly amazing. Ask him at anytime how he's feeling and the answer is always "Good". He refuses to worry, takes each day as it comes and has a faith that can most definitely move mountains. He is willing to try whatever is out there in the medical field and never shys away from taking risks.

This summer I started to read a book entitled "For the Moment: A Memoir of Survival" by Bob Wakeham and once I began, I honestly could not put it down until I had finished. It is a true revelation about another man's journey with cancer and details his hardships along the way. Readers will definitely find inspiration from this author's determination to never quit!

My daughter recently gave me a book entitled "The Last Lecture" and I'm sure most of you by now have heard of a hero by the name of Randy Pausch. His inner strength defies description and once again, any reader will be more than inspired.

Yes, inspiration can sometimes make miracles happen. Who have you inspired today?


Anonymous said...

You have done an amazing job on your site. I am certain it will help many and I hope you don't mind if I recommend it to others.
Your husband is definitely a man to admire, but lady we admire you more than you realize.
You are a role model for others and your husband has done so well because he has had a wonderful person to advocate for him and to support him at all times. I am honoured to be your friend. Great job. Linda

Anonymous said...

My wife who also was just recently diagnosed with breast cancer, has just read your post. Needless to say, she is inspired and off to purchase one of your suggestions.
We will become regulars on your website.
God Bless!

Anonymous said...

Hello Debbie:
Thought I would raise my head from the Blueberry Patch and check out the goings on!! My dear-your blog gets better and better. Always when I think it is the best ever, I check in and it is best all over again. Very inspiring and considering our history and my awareness of the man who beats the odds over and over, with the help of a great wife and advocate, I am still in awe. Great job Debbie. I, too, just finished Bob Wakehams book and after working as a nurse with so many afflicted with cancer, I have to say that Bob, in raw and unaltered detail, truly shares his journey as it was and is. It is a must I think for any reading list for cancer and chemotherapy patients? What a wonderful inspiration he is as well. Keep up the good work Debbie, and I have shared your blog and your writing with many, many, people. They check in almost daily they tell me.
Wonderful idea from a talented woman, wife and mother.