Friday, August 29, 2008

How to Post Your Comments!

Just thought I'd run through the procedure to post your comments! I've made it very simple and there's no need to register.

Access the "comments" section at the end of any of my posts, then type your comment in the box. Next, type in the colored jumbled letters in the appropriate area and then you can either click the "Name" (and enter your first name) or the "Anonymous" bullet and final step is to "Publish Your Comment". It's that easy!

You can return to the website by entering the "My Husband's Cancer" at the top left.

Looking forward to hearing from everyone with regards to general comments about the site, suggestions, questions, etc.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Debbie and Willard - An inspiring website! The love and devotion of Debbie to her dear husband - which must have been a constant tower of strength to him - her underlying faith in our Lord, which has kept her going - and Willard's refusal to give in to self-pity,despair and fear (which seem to make cancer spread like wildfire) - plus the kindness of SO MANY folk, in the cancer treatment clinic and on the Internet, and friends old and new - how all these things work together to support us in our hard times. Continue to trust in our Lord day by day, "one day at a time", as the song says.