Friday, September 26, 2008

Cancer Creates a Community of Caring People

I've been receiving some good comments on this website and I was amazed to see that I have now acquired followers from over 70 countries around the world. Wow! Technology can be so wonderful, when used for a good purpose. I know many of you may not even be able to read my blog due to language barriers, but hopefully I will soon have a translating device added. The one constant though that creates a universal language is music, so I hope you are all enjoying my selections this week. I've tried to provide a wide range from sacred, to very upbeat, inspirational and modern choices. If you'd like anything added, just let me know and I'll try my best to accommodate your request.

Now to get back on my topic.....yes, all of us who are affected by cancer are definitely one big community of love. You may be a patient, a caregiver, a family member or friend, but with over 200 different types of cancer, in reality, there are not very many people who have not been touched by it from a personal perspective. Each of us are looking for support from others, for advice, for inspiration and for whatever it takes to keep going. The journey is difficult most of all for cancer patients, but it can also be a struggle for their family and friends. Knowing that there are others who care and are there to support us, makes all the difference.

My husband and I are indeed very blessed to have such a wonderful circle of family and friends. We probably don't always say that to them, but they are always there whenever and whatever time we should need them. We cannot do all of this on our own, it takes a community of people to help us along our way.

We strongly believe that my husband is doing so well because of his great faith, his positive attitude, medical research and because of those whom we have met along our journey. Reading many of your emails, I know that even though we are probably living in different countries, and speaking different languages, we all have that common bond of trying to find what might work, what has worked and what will work. It is through out discussions about cancer that we all unite and become that community of love. Loving your fellowman is the best gift you can really give anyone, and by sharing our thoughts and experiences with cancer, we are really doing just that.

Websites, like mine, are bringing families that live thousands of miles away, right into our homes.
Everyday we are meeting new people and making new discoveries about cancer. All of us are here to help, whenever you need it. As I said in an earlier post, "all you have to do is ask"!

As I check my stats about this website everyday and my global map appears on screen, each country is lit to indicate where my viewers are located. Every day those lights appear much brighter and in more areas. To me, it means that in some way, I might have brought some sort of inspiration to another person affected by cancer. If I can help just one person a week, then my goal for creating this website has been fulfilled. So today, I hope that each of you will pass along your stories, inspirational happenings and ideas to others who are affected by cancer, through the many websites, live chats, blogs and other forums that are available through this media. No man is an cannot do it alone.

Together, we can all light up the world and show just how much we all care about each other!


Anonymous said...

This is very true Debbie. I have learned so much about my cancer over the web and also chat with other patients going through similiar situations. I am glad I found your website.

Anonymous said...

I have also met many people through cancer websites. They offer invaluable information. I really enjoy your website and inspirational music.

Anonymous said...

We are indeed all a family. I have learned so much about cancer on-line and by talking to others. Thanks Debbie. This is a great website! You certainly are helping and touching others by sharing your experiences.
Thank you!