Sunday, September 21, 2008

Coincidence or Fate?

I'm sure everyone reading this, can relate to a particular incident in your life that you thought may have happend by coincidence. As I reflect over these past few months, what at first seemed like pure coincidence has now become most definitely acts of fate. There have been too many events that are unexplained as chance happenings, and it's clear they have all evolved for a reason.

Take for instance a kindly lady who just suddenly walks into our place of business, on a day when things are going terrible for me. My husband is at home, too ill to go to work and I definitely need a pick-me-up. So there she is, getting out of her vehicle, opening the shop door and then wearing a warm smile that seems to say "I'm here, just when you need me most"! Seems to be trouble with one of her tires and it needs a little fixing, so while the repairs are being completed, we exchange a few get-to-know you's and then instantly, a bond is created and it's like I've just found a long, lost friend. Since that day, everytime we meet, there's always a hug and a "How is everything going" greeting. There's perserves from her garden, cards on our birthdays and Christmas, and telephone calls at least once a month to check on my husband's health. It's like we've known each other for years, but it's really only been for a few months.

Then, there's the connection with an on-line friend. Never met the woman in my life before and I just happend to log on to this website about cancer and caregivers one day. She had posted a comment and I replied and also for some unknown reason, typed my email address. Apparently, the site administrator monitors all messages and no emails are permitted, but she did receive mine and neither of us can figure out how that happened. Since then, we have become wonderful friends. Her husband also has RCC and we have that special bond. I always throw her a lifeline whenever I'm sinking and she's always there to catch it. Since that time, I've connected with many other cancer caregivers and patients. Amazing how you can become friends with someone whom you've never met in person!

About four years ago, I was on a chat line for no particular reason and connected with another wonderful person. At that time, her daughter was receiving chemo treatments and it was a very difficult time for all of the family. I had no idea just what cancer was all about, but I could offer my friendship to her on-line. Now it has become very clear just why we met. She's been an exceptional friend to me and has always encouraged my husband to keep going, no matter how the odds may be stacked against him. The tables have turned and we are the ones now who are dealing with cancer. Her daughter, I'm "very" happy to say, is living life to the fullest and is free of cancer!!! What an inspiring young woman and mother. She was determined from the start to beat it.....AND SHE DID!

Our phone rings whenever we are going through difficult times and there's always a friendly voice on the other end. It always happens! As soon as you hang up the phone, another person is calling. I've wondered how those close to us know when we're having that down day, but they do..... and just keeping in touch, makes all the difference.
When my husband was about to begin a new chemo treatment that had not even been introduced to our region, I was constantly searchig the internet to connect with someone who could answer some of my questions. Amazingly, I did. It was a lady whose sister had just started the same treatment two weeks earlier, and now she was my contact who readily answered my questions and quieted my concerns. We still keep in touch.
As I look back, there have been numerous events that have happened in our lives, not by coincidence but by fate. Doctor's who just happen to be there when you need them most, co-workers who have been understanding beyond belief and for certain, guardian angels who lead us along this unknown path.
Take the time today to reflect on things that have happened in your life. People you've met and events that have happended, when you needed them most. Do you think it was just a coincidence?


Anonymous said...

It's amazing the people we meet (by chance) who talk to us like old friends - fate? .. I think so!!

Keep up the good work, Deb. Your comments and information must be helping so many people.

Anonymous said...

When I look back as well on our situation, I can also see similiar instances where people have suddenly just appeared from out of nowhere to help us.
As you say, it is indeed fate.

I read your site every day.

Anonymous said...

I never thought about it in this way but it does put a different perspective on things.

Anonymous said...

Yes, there are angels among us.

Anonymous said...

You never know who is on the end of the phone, end of an email address, end of chat or end of comment on a website. How blessed we are to have friend to can relate to our situation. I believe it is what life is all about. We laugh, we cry and we share. We know each others pain. Everyone needs a life line and all we have to do is be able to catch it when it is thrown.
Love you on line sister

Anonymous said...

I also have had very similiar events happen in my life. I never quite looked at it that way though until now. Good blog.