Monday, September 15, 2008

Informative Link for RCC Patients - New Treatments Bring New Hope

I'm providing another link, especially for newer RCC patients that consists of 4 different videos that are "very" informative with regard to some of the newer treatments that are presently available. Each video is approx 10-15 min in length. The terminology may be more suited for medical experts, but for the most part, you'll have no problems in interpreting the message. My original intent last night, was to watch only the first video, but they were so interesting, that I just had to view all four sets before finishing. I take no credit for finding this website, as the link was sent to me from my partnet in crime....oh, and did I mention, one of my dearest on-line friends, Mary, who has been there since we first met on a chat forum. For those of us who are more familiar with some of these chemo drugs, the content was still very informative and I'm sure it will provide alot of hope to cancer patients who choose to visit the site.

I'm going to list a couple of the chemo drugs as discussed in these videos for your reference, by their more familiar name:

Sunitinib is the pharmaceutical name for SUTENT developed by Pfizer

Temsirolimus is the pharmaceutical name for TORISEL developed by Wyeth®%20(temsirolimus)%20Injection/Torisel®%20(temsirolimus)%20Injection_overview.html

Once again, I'd appreciate your comments after you've watched the videos.....


Anonymous said...

Thank goodness for discovering your website. My wife has recently been diagnosed with RCC and we are in that terrible process of finding out just what is out there. I've just finished the first two videos and they are very informative.
We live in Hong Kong and not always sure if the same is offered to cancer patients as it may not be widely known across each continent. I'll be sending your website on to others.
Please tell us more.

Anonymous said...

I've also visited that website and checked out all four videos.
Just when I thought I knew most everything about Sutent, something else was learned. If you find other websites Debbie that might be of interest to us cancer patients, I appreciate your posting them on this site. The music is also very inspirational.