Monday, September 15, 2008

Live Webcast from KCC - Sept 17th

Kidney Cancer Canada is hosting a live webcast on Wednesday evening at 7:00pm (EDT) entitled "Understanding Your Pathology Report" by Dr. Andrew Evans, Staff Pathologist at the University Health Network in Toronto. It no doubt will be a very informative presentation for patients and their families to watch on-line. You just need to click on the following website before that time to attend via the Internet. You will have the option of viewing it directly as a "Guest" or you can create a login name and password for future visits.

This should be a very informative presentation for lay people like myself, who are not knowledgeable on the medical terminology that is used in reports or by our oncologists. I'm sure it will be very beneficial as well to all cancer patients, caregivers and their families and not specifically for kidney cancer patients alone.

Take the time to check out the KCC (Kidney Cancer Canada) website as well, as it offers support and information, as well as a discussion forum.

One more item to note, since my topic references a patients pathology report. Always make certain that your oncologist provides you with a copy of your report to take home with you, after every scan or MRI or other testing. It is important that you receive a full report on paper. Most of us never hear the entirety of exactly what the oncologist is saying when we visit for test results, but if you take it home, then you can always reference it. It is especially important for the caregiver to receive this and keep it on file, as it will provide comparitive information against future test results. At first, my husband and I never knew we could get this as our doctor did not readily provide one. So don't forget to ALWAYS ASK for a take-home copy next time you visit your oncologist for test results.

I'll be tuning in to watch the presentation on Wednesday evening as well.........I'd appreciate it if you'd post a comment to let me know if you found it informative!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the heads up Debbie. I'll definitely tune in.
Any information that I can gather will be wonderful and I never knew you could get a paper copy of your report. My doctor will be surprised on my next visit when I ask for one, and I will.