Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Never, Never Quit

My husband was given a very special gift last year. It was from another person who has been courageously fighting cancer for several years, and who is continuing to beat the odds. The words engraved upon this granite stone "Never, Never Quit" are words that every cancer patients should definitely live by. There will be many difficult days to overcome, but one of the main ingredients to win this battle is to never give up, even when you think it's just too hard to keep going. Remember, you are admired by everyone who knows you, you are showing others just what the word "courage" means and you are an inspiration to all those who know, love and care about you.

Yesterday, I heard a story of a young man who had recently been given six months to live. He had only been married for five years and the father of a beautiful daughter. After hearing this death sentence from his doctor, he gave up his inspiration to keep going and passed away a short time ago.

My husband has been sent home twice to die! We believe that if he had not been committed to never quit, then he definitely would have succumbed to his cancer a long time ago. It is up to you! Stay away from negativity, keep busy, and I hope that all those around you will do everything in their power to help you maintain a positive attitue and most of all, NEVER, NEVER QUIT!


Anonymous said...

Great words of inspiration for other patients Debbie.
Your idea to create this website is exceptional.
All the best and look forward to reading future posts.

Anonymous said...

True words to stand by for sure. It's up to the individual to keep a positive attitude and have faith in God's plan. Family and friends are both great providers of encouragement and support.
Look forward to your posts. What a great idea to creat this website!