Monday, September 08, 2008


Hope most of you had the opportunity to see some of this past weekend's televised special "Stand Up 2 Cancer". Patrick Swazee amazed us all with his inspirational appearance on the show, along with numerous well-known celebrities to help raise awareness for cancer and aid in the research for new cancer treating innovations. Many cancer patients told their stories of how they have endured the highs and lows of having cancer, how they have benefitted with the new technological advancements being made, and how keeping a positive attitude is vital.

Never give up hope, because there is always something new being tested, and looming on the horizon for cancer patients. Just when we thought everything that was available for my husband was exhausted, a new drug became available for him to try. Focus on things for which you have a passion, whether it be enjoying your friends company, learning a new craft, sharing your experiences with other cancer patients and their families or just keeping busy.

The goal is to never quit, keep positive and together we can all "Stand Up 2 Cancer"!


Mary Maz said...

How true to "never give up" As you know when my husbands mets returned in 2002 the only drugs available were HL2 (which was not avaiable here) and Interferon which they didn't hold out much hope for results. However, my husband was told to "hand on there were new drugs coming down the pike" and sure enough he hung in long enough to try nexavar and now sutent (on his 18th cycle). So never say never - you don't know what is around the next corner. Your husband has hung in as well.

Anonymous said...

Good words of wisdom Debbie! This is very true. I know someone who trusted in the doctors word when he said that he had only a few months left and gave up all hope. We need to take charge of our own health, search to find need drugs and treatments available on-line and together we can all pursevere and beat the odds.
Be strong, determined and never give up faith!

Anonymous said...

I've had cancer now for several months, and as you say, it does take it's toll on not only myself, but on every family member.
I'm now on a new chemo drug for lung cancer and am showing good results. As you say, a positive attitude is the key
I'm trying, wish me luck.

Anonymous said...

yes, I also watched the show and found it to be very inspiring. I hope that by making people more aware of cancer, funds can be raised to help alleviate patient's financial situations. I personally have enormous costs and it is a constant struggle trying to pay for my cancer fighting medications. This is a great site Debbie. I've been reading it everyday.