Sunday, September 14, 2008

You CAN Soar Like an Eagle

I'm still trying to find my own way around this website so please bear with me. Lots to learn about setting up this webpage and I have lots of things to add. Over time, I will get all the bugs straightened out. In the meantime, I want to give each of you a very big THANK YOU for continuing to check out this site. Everyday, there's more and more new viewers and I hope that everyday as well, someone out there is being helped by what they read.

Yesterday, my family attended the Cancer Relay for Life, with my husband walking the Survivors' Lap. Every survivor wore a bright yellow T-shirt, and it was amazing first of all, to see so many people there from our local area, who are survivors. Very inspirational to say the least, for all of us who attended! It made me wonder about how many survivors were not there for various reasons......but the main theme for all of us to realize is that cancer patients are definitely beating the odds.....BIG TIME!!!! A few years ago, the survival rate was very low, but now right across the world, the rate of survival for cancer patients is SOARING!!!!!!! Survivors that attended yesterday's event were not only 1 year survivors, but some who boasted some 10+ year survival banners.....WOW!!!

Cancer research, new cancer fighting drugs, technologies such as websites that allow those affected with cancer to learn more about what is available out there and what works, and a greater awareness by cancer patients and their families to find out everything there is about their specific type of cancer, are all making the difference towards that soaring survivor rate!(whew....that's a long sentence)

The lesson to be learned from all of this for patients who have recently been diagnosed with cancer, is to not just give up. My husband didn't and neither did I or our two daughters. You keep looking and searching. The news is very shocking, the treatments may be difficult (remember though that each patient is different and just because one person has alot of side effects, another may have relatively very few) and the news of having cancer will definitely change your world around, but just don't give up!!! Your doctor will discuss your options, but also search the web for
information (I've added some links on this blog (scroll down right side under My Blogs) and there are many, many more), talk with other cancer patients and their families, participate in an on-line discussion, contact pharmaceutical companies that specialize in developing cancer fighting drugs to find out what might be avalable and what just might be looming on the horizon. Remember, there is always HOPE! Ask others in your community to form a support group that will help patients, caregivers and their families as well. For we are all affected and we all need support. No one person can fight cancer alone.

The theme that I want to leave with someone who might have recently been diagnosed is to NEVER, NEVER QUIT.....keep asking, keep searching and most of all, keep a positive attitude!!!

Remember that you can soar like an eagle if you have the courage to give it a try!!!


Anonymous said...

Very true Debbie. You have a great site and its very encouraging for anyone battling cancer. Keep up the good work.


X said...

wonderful site

my wife was diagnoised with breast cancer twice and bone cancer we are three years down the line now and we are back in Scotland living on our converted bus .She is happier being closer to nature where we get our positive energy from good luck to you and your family

all our love the daft hermits

my web site is at

Anonymous said...

I've just discovered your website and had to tell you that I think you are providing some great "tips" for those of us who have cancer and looking for more information.
Also love your photos, especially this eagle. Very inspirational post.
Keep it coming,