Thursday, October 30, 2008

Are you Scared of C-A-N-C-E-R ?

MUSIC: "The Monster Mash"

It's Halloween!

Tonight there will be scary little critters all around your neighbourhood as they go tapping on doors looking for trick-'o'-treats.

Their costumes will be hair-raising, spine-chilling and yes, even unnerving for some. That's the whole point of dressing up on October's to scare you into giving out those yummy treats.

Did I say SCARE?

It's a time for pumpkins, skeletons, friendly ghosts and goblins

The title of my post today, and of course the theme of Halloween

is all about being scared...........BUT nothing can make one feel as scared as when you hear the words

"I'm sorry, you have cancer"!


"I'm sorry, but there's nothing else we can do for your loved one"!

Most of my readers, whether as patient or caregiver will never forget the first time those words were uttered. Instantly, we all go into shock, at least I know "I did"! The words are


they strike terror in your heart

they are dreaded words

Immediately you feel this is some mistake and you feel weak and it's hard to breath.........

Soon you will experience the feelings of


Yes, a cancer diagnosis will change your life, but the thing to remember is that cancer is NOT a death sentence, it is a chronic disease. Patients who were once told these same words, are now survivors. Not just one or two year survivors, but the numbers have increased to ten, fifteen and twenty years plus in numerous cases. With continuing research, exchange of information throughtout the world, and new discoveries of cancer fighting therapies, we personally can attest to the fact that an original diagnosis of "there's nothing more we can do" is no longer accurate in many cases.

Positive atttitudes, communication with other patients/caregivers, finding out everything possible about your type of cancer and determination by the patient to


are all key ingredients for success!

Most of all "don't let the word CANCER scare you"!!!


Anonymous said...

Your posting is very true for today. I was certainly scared when I found out my loved one was diagnosed with cancer. It was like a bad dream, however, it's reassuring to know that there is HOPE out there today and finding out as much as we can about the diagnosis is a must. Don't just think, your doctor knows it all, you have to take charge and find out what you can to make a difference too!!! Happy Halloween!

Anonymous said...

I can still remember the shock of hearing the word cancer! It is a very scary word indeed but as you say Debbie by continuing to search for new chemo drugs and keeping in touch with other patients, there is always hope.
Your husband's story is certainly inspiring to me.
Great pictures and I really enjoy your website.