Friday, October 17, 2008

Beating the Odds!!!

MUSIC: "Beat It"
Yesterday, as my husband sat in the waiting room of the cancer clinic, a nurse who cared for him almost three years ago, passed by. Instantly they both remembered each other and getting
re-aquainted was great. The best thing though, was her comment of
"You sure are continuing to beat the odds"
as she could remember the oncologist's diagnosis for my husband back then and just how ill he was
Yes, he definitely has beaten the odds and just as we all hear the phrase
"cancer can be beaten"
it is not impossible.
Everyday we are hearing of cancer patients who continue to do quite well, despite receiving a grave report initially. One of the posts on our chat forum yesterday was from a dear friend Mary, whose husband is now a
10 year survivor of RCC
Yes, that is "10" "Ten" "Dix" "Diez" "Shi" years.......truly amazing!!!
So my point to all of this, is to not be discouraged or most of all don't give up when you initially receive that bad news. Sure, it's devastating, but it's not the end. As I've said before, it is up to you and your caregiver to keep searching for whatever else might be out there. Obtain a second opinion from a oncologist who is a specialist in your type of cancer. It is your right as a patient to always get that second opinion. Search for results of new trials that are taking place and new cancer fighting drugs that are being developed. Connect with another patient (the internet is a great resource) and keep asking until you find the answers to your questions.
At least you will know that you've done everything possible, and you've not just sat there and accepted your fate.
Remember, just like my husband, you might be another cancer patient who could also


Anonymous said...

good morning Debbie - I just caught up on your last couple of days of blogging and am sooo glad to see you have decided to continue with this wonderful offering you give us - and glad to see you've received some other comments confirming the meaningful effect what you do is having on us 'out here'. I hope people continue to increase their comments, as feedback for you and other perspectives for all of us are always important. Although I may take a few days off from checking in, when I do log-on I eat up everything there is and appreciate it so much. I just find I need to force myself to take a day or two away to try to refocus on other parts of my life, as I don't want being a cancer patient to become ALL that I'm about. And when I get back on here, your words and the comments from others help remind me that life is good as long as we keep life as our focus! my best wishes to you and your husband and family as you endure, once again, this stressful time of awaiting test results. positive thoughts coming your way - hang onto them!

Anonymous said...

Yes Deb - 10 years holy cow we certainly find it hard to beleive as well. But Joe is haning in just like Willard. 10 years of ct scans, x-rays, cancer treatments, scan-anxiety, good news, bad news, ups and downs but the bottom line is the love of my life is still here and hopes to be for many more years. Now we move on to the next 10. Every day is a blessing and we count our blessings where we find them. Most important in our lives are God, friends (especially like you),prayers and family. Life is good

Jane Thompson said...

Hello Debbie
I have just found your blog and have to say how inspiring I have found it.
I was diagnosed with mRcc 20 months ago and have been on Sutent for 8 months now.
Here in the UK we are behind you by quite a bit, both in timescale and in the fact we are still fighting to have Sutent prescribed routinely for mRcc here.