Monday, October 06, 2008

But You Look So Healthy!

Music: Island in the Sun (Belafonte)
That's the first statement everyone makes whenever they meet my husband. He does look very healthy. He's probably a little overweight, has a complextion like that of someone who just ran a marathon and goes to work now everyday. Actually, the going to work part is what keeps him motivated and keeps his attitude so positive. I find on weekends, he feels his worse when he's not keeping busy. Attitude is everything when you have cancer and keeping busy is the key, if of course you are feeling well enough to do just that.

When my husband was going to the hospital for IV chemo, other people in the waiting room would look at both of us, to try and determine just who was the patient. In the chemo room, even the nurses would tell my husband how well he looked and how they could not believe he had cancer, except the truth written in his chart.

The healthy appearance makes one realize just how deceiving this cancer can be. It is a mystery for sure and it is very difficult at times to realize the negatives of what the oncologist is telling you, while at the same time, you look a true picture of health! I personally have been talking to someone on the telephone who has asked how my husband is doing. He's probably lying on the chesterfield at that very moment, feeling miserable so I tell them he's not doing so well. Within a few minutes, he might just get the urge to go outside and go for a short ride in his truck. Did I lie? No, that's just the way his cancer is. It is very unpredictable, to say the least. So, my husband's philosophy is to enjoy those good times whenever they come along. To sail along and enjoy the calm seas when the winds abate, for you never know when the waters will suddenly get rough again.

One minute you are feeling terrible, and the next minute you may be doing the unexpected. It is hard for someone who is not dealing with cancer to realize this, but I trust after reading this post that readers who do not have cancer themselves, will be a little more understanding if a similiar situation arises. We have learned to not plan ahead and to take one day at a time. Our family knows just how quickly my husband's health can change from good to bad and vise versa. We can only relate of course to kidney cancer and that is the way this type of cancer reacts.

Remember that looks can be deceiving! For cancer patients, concentrate on the positives, whether it be a healthy look, normal blood pressure or a day when you are not experiencing nausea or other side effects. Enjoy your good times whenever they happen and travel unknow waters if you have the desire to do it. Let 'er go at full throttle and breath in that fresh will enjoy it best once you have the courage to take the chance.

I hope you can find your "island in the sun" on your good days as well!!!


Anonymous said...

I can relate exactly to what you are saying. Everyone says the same thing when I meet someone new and tell them I have cancer. Yes, looks can be deceiving.

Anonymous said...

Your pictures are very relaxing. If that's your husband's picture, then yes, I agree, he does look healthy. Amazing.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a great day on the bay!!!