Wednesday, October 08, 2008


Music: "Celebrate"

We all take life for granted and for most of us, it's not until we actually experience something traumatic in our lives, that we realize what is truly important. Ever since my husband's cancer diagnosis, our family is always very grateful and especially thankful to celebrate special occasions.

Yesterday was no exception, as it was our daughter's birthday. Hubby was having a good day, so along with my daughter's


and our family,

we all went out for supper. It was a wonderful evening and we cherished every minute of it. When cancer strikes a family, it certainly puts things into perspective! Trivial things that once seemed to take precedence, suddenly become immaterial and the milestones in life now take high priority. We have been truly blessed to celebrate our special occasions and to appreciate them beyond description.

There's been that surprise birthday party for my husband after he was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Family and friends were so eager to help in the preparations and the best part was that he didn't suspect a thing. We implanted the idea that he was going to his friend's birthday party and as he walked into the room, everyone shouted the infamous "Happy Birthday" and the celebrations began. Last year, the July 1st holiday became an outdoor celebration with our closest friends all in attendance. Singing, laughter and a greater appreciation of just what their friendship means to our family, was the order of the day. Last month we celebrated our wedding anniversary and this year we both wanted to do something different. Usually we are at home and family and friends stop by to visit, but this time we decided to change the format and go to a restaurant for supper. It was an evening spent with many of those who have been there with us through all of the good days and the bad. Some couldn't attend for personal reasons, but they were still there in our hearts. Such a special anniversary! There's been graduations, welcome home parties, summer barbecues and house decorating parties.....yes, lots of good times spent together, each of them lifting my husband's spirits and giving him inspiration to keep fighting his battle.

Each time we celebrate, it gives my husband encouragement to keep going and allows him to realize just how very special he is to all of us. It is a prescription that motivates him to never give up!

I've focused on the events when my husband has been feeling well enough to enjoy each one. Sure, there's been many occasions when he's not been feeling so great and I've had to alert the troops that he's having a bad day. In the big picture though, we focus on the good times. Cancer has robbed us of many things, but it cannot deprive us of the great memories we will always have of these special celebrations with family and friends.

Make everyday a true celebration!


Anonymous said...

I never really thought about it that way. From now on though we will celebrate as you say and help to bring encouragement to my wife.

Anonymous said...

A favorite saying of my mom's was "each day is a gift, that's why it's called the present"!

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving - we all have SOOOO much to be thankful for.