Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I'm Giving Up - Not Really

"The Power of the Dream" - Celine Dion
"The Power of the Dream"- Terry Kelly
"I Won't Back Down"

We all feel like just giving up sometimes. It's the easy way out. I actually thought of giving up everyday this week, only thing is, what I'm referring to is giving up this website and not giving up on a health issue.

The original purpose for this website was to relate a little of our story to other cancer patients, caregivers and their families to let them know that they are not alone in their journey with cancer. Maybe, in some small way, another person would find encouragement or inspiration to help get them through their day. Actually since I've started the site, I've received many emails from others who are glad to have someone to talk with, to share ideas with and to just be there for them. If I help just one person a week, then my mandate for starting this site as been fulfilled.

Well for the past few days, I've been seriously considering removing the site. Not because I can't think of anything to say, because I'm sure by now you all realize that I love to write, but removing the site because I'm wondering if my purpose for developing it, is really getting to those individuals whom I want to help. I get lots of comments about how you think the site is good, you love the music and the photos. I appreciate everyone viewing it, but at the same time, I am revealing some of our families personal life in order to relate our experiences and I'm not always certain my words are reaching those who need it most.

Although the COMMENT section is just below each posting, very few readers tend to leave their remarks. It's not mandatory to do this and I've not added that "sign-in" feature either, because I've wanted easy access of my posts to everyone. Don't get me wrong...I am having an excellent response to the site. I can see my traffic stats everyday and they continue to soar, but I "need" comments. Let me know if you like the site, what you don't like about it, what you'd like to see added, etc. etc........

Actually, now I'm the one who needs the inspiration! I'm realizing that in order to keep going I need to be told that my posts are reaching those whom I want to help and that you are being encouraged by what you read. Be honest, that will be the only way I'll know.

So, just a few minutes ago, I read a comment by kje telling me thanks for the site and how it was much needed and appreciated. Wow!! My spirits soared and now I'm back on track again to keep up the posts. Such simple words that made a huge difference.

You see, we all need encouraging words no matter if we are not feeling so great, or just second guessing ourselves about whether we are doing the right thing.....(like me this week). I'm back on track....thanks kje. Now I'm inspired!!!

So after you've read today's post, say something encouraging to another person...pass it on and you WILL make a difference to their day. It's so easy to give up when the going might seem impossible but encouraging words will help get you through!!!!


Anonymous said...

guilty as charged...I'm an almost daily reader and have never commented. I love your site and as a caregiver to my husband who has RCC, am thankful to find such inspiration and wonderful words from another going through this journey...
Thank you,

Anonymous said...

You website is exceptional! I look forward to reading it each and every day. It's a great source of inspiration to know that other people, like yourself are dealing with similar battles.
You are a true inspiration. Please keep this website! It helps many people.
Thank you!

Robin said...

Please do not stop writing. I read your blog every day. My husband was diagnosed with stage 4 esophageal cancer in October of 2007. I have many times felt that I am so alone and noone knows how I feel. Then, I come and read your blog and I swear, I could have written it myself. you feel the same things that I do.
You are always positive and sometimes I need that reminder to look for the good. as you know sometimes it is hard. I blog too but mine is no where near as good as yours. keep up the blog and yall both keep up the fight.

Anonymous said...

It is also called "throwing a life line" Deb LOL

Anonymous said...

You are a wonderul writer and a great inspiration. I thoroughly enjoy your daily postings. They are like light at the end of a tunnel, since they give me a sense of hope and strength to carry on. We all encounter problems during our life and we need to share them and know there are other people as well who don't always have an easy road to follow.
Thank you Debbie. I look forward to your postings to follow.