Thursday, October 16, 2008

Moments That Matter

MUSIC: "Moments That Matter"
(Sorry for the poor quality of this particular version..
hopefully I'll find one clearer later today)

It's only when something major happens in your life, do most of us realize what truly matters.

Our Yorkie - "Gabbygail"

If some of my viewers today have not yet been affected by that "major" happening and are all caught up with working long hours to make your bank account soar, or have not been in touch for awhile with those who matter most in their lives, then this is your wake up call to GET GOING!

Believe me, all of us who are traveling this cancer journey as patients, caregivers or family know all too well the value of living each day to the fullest and appreciating those little things that seem insignificant to many. Actually , anyone who's been affected by any illness will agree with that statement.

I heard the following song this morning on the car radio. I was instantly inspired to share it with you. Take the time to read each line very carefully and I trust you will find what truly matters in your life.

Moments That Matter
(Aaron Lines/Mark Irwin/Josh Kear)

I used to think I was a bigshot
Thought I had it all but guess what
Can't measure life by the things you got
In the end it all ends up to nothing

I swear I missed so many birthdays
Valentines, hallowe'ens and anniversaries
Left me lonesome in the worst ways
But mister I learned something

You can't buy back the moments that matter
You can't buy back the moments that matter
There's a big pot of gold at the top of the ladder
But you can't buy back the moments that matter

Gonna play some football in the backyard
Teach my nephew how to play the guitar
Call up some old friends and play some cards
Waste a few Saturday evenings

Gonna take my wife out dancing
Every now and then without her asking
Spin her around singing and laughing
There's memories we should be making


All this talk about the good life
Makes me realize I got a great life
Gotta keep my priorities in sight
You just get one time around


You can't buy back the moments that matter
You can't buy back the moments that matter
Years pass you buy and the days start to scatter
But you can't buy back the moments that matter


Anonymous said...

What is this sweet dog's name? What a cutie! We used to have a yorkie but now we have 2 spoiled cats. Thank you for your blog. I read it every day and always get something out of reading it. My warrier has been on Sutent for 1 year &5 months. The only side effect other than sometimes really tired is the abdominal cramping and lately it has been more often. He has medication for it but does not always stop it quickly. We identify with the stress of the frequent CT scans. We also enjoy what we call The Little Things in life. We continue to keep the faith and wish the same for you there in Canada. From Oklahoma, USA, Ellen

Anonymous said...

You are so very right. It's not until our lives suddenly change that we realize what are the important things.