Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Newfoundland & Labrador Cancer Patients - Take Note

Today, I am doing something very unusual. Because I believe strongly in the following appeal for citizens to make a difference, I am going to post the following link for Newfoundland & Labrador cancer patients to investigate further

There's a campaign ongoing "Stand up and be Counted" by that provincial chapter of the society to enlist the public's help in support of changes to the present funding and expenses of cancer patients. From travel, to accommodations, meals and prescription drugs, as cancer patients and caregivers, we all know the costs can be overwhelming - to say the least!!!

I trust you will check out the above link and place your name on the list if this is something that you strongly believe where changes are needed.

For other provinces and viewers from other countries, if you also have a similiar website that encourages government change in cancer funding and financial support for cancer patients, then I will be willing to post the link on my website upon your request.

"Together we can all make a difference if we stand up and be counted"


Anonymous said...

I'm on it right away. If everyone contributed to this campaing then it would make government stand up and take a good look.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the information. I was not aware of it but you can be sure I will add my name to this list. Great website.