Thursday, October 23, 2008

No Man is an Island

MUSIC: "No Man is an Island"

Our chat forum is starting to grow and the best result is that we are all becoming more informed on RCC. Even though I thought I knew alot about kidney cancer, after chatting with several patients and caregivers over the past few days, I have realized that there are many more areas that I need to research. Knowledge is power, and as cancer patients, caregivers and families, we should never stop searching for information or interacting with others.

Based upon our personal situation, it is only through our research and the knowledge we have obtained from others in similiar situations, that my husband is doing so well. Had we accepted his initial diagnosis and just basically sat on our laurels, I know he would not have survived.

As my title today strongly indicates, no matter what our circumstances are, we all need others to help get us through. No one person can fight battles alone, and it's the same when you are faced with cancer.

Over the past few days, our chat forum is becoming a refuge for those who need to just interact with others in similar situations. It allows us all to ask questions about cancer, to provide information based on our own experiences and also it's a great place to vent when you are having a difficult day.

Interacting with others who share congruent adversities gives us all encouragement.

I've spoken to an individual recently whose son cannot accept the fact that his father has cancer. As a result, he has basically cut all ties with his father and refuses to even speak with him. He needs to know that it's not only the cancer patient who is affected by a cancer diagnosis, but it is the entire family as well. It is a natural phenomena. Hopefully he will realize this and once again open up those doors to communcation and be there for his dad, especially now when they both need each other most of all.

One more note with regards to our present chat forum. I'm going to try and make it a "Sign-In" chat forum, where registration will be required. By doing this, we will all feel more secure in relaying our personal situations. It may not happen today, but be assured that I'll be working on it.

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karen in ottawa canada said...

Nicely said, once again Deb. Would like to clarify the 'regular chat time' again - as you often mention 730pm ET. I'm in Ottawa so I'm on ET, but when i come on at 730 my time, your chat appears to have been going on for quite some time already. Perhaps people are just starting earlier. Thankfully I can go to the archives to read back and catch up so people don't have to repeat for me - not sure if others are aware they can do that, so thought I'd mention it as it's very helpful. (usually the small chat window that pops up only shows the past 6-8 lines of chat, but the archives page shows the entire conversation - at least that's how the windowns pop up on my computer)