Monday, October 20, 2008

Reflections on Family Portraits

I've been spending alot of time lately, going over old photo albums and digital photos on my computer. It's good to look back and reminisce. Of course, my recent photos far outnumber the older ones, due to the innovation of digital photography and of course, due to our passion to get as many family pictures as we possibly can.

Each photo tells a story of celebrations we have had over many years. One very special photo is that of our family that we had taken just a little over two years ago, a few months after my husband's diagnosis. We suddenly realized that our last family portrait was taken some fifteen years earlier, and due to everyone's neglect, we just never took the time to make that portrait appointment on at least a five-year basis. Now, faced with a major life threatening illness, we longed for my husband's return to health so we could take that precious photo.

Miraculously, he did recover and off to the paparazzo we went. We took several changes of attire along with us, and in the end we created many different poses. Some of our two daughters together, just hubby and I, dad with his precious girls, our dog with dad, and on and on the shutterbug continued.

Today, our large family silhouette is aligned perfectly on our living room wall. It is a reminder that we have been so very blessed to have had the opportunity to not only get that family portrait of us, but also it stands as a reminder of how ill my husband was back then and how he has fought cancer with such grace and courage.

If you haven't taken the time to get a family photo, don't delay. Make an appointment today. When it's displayed on your wall, it will become a constant reminder of how important it is to celebrate life. To our family it is a reflection of one man's determination to never quit!

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