Monday, October 20, 2008

We Are Family

MUSIC: "We Are Family"

First I'd like to thank everyone for their kind comments about this website and how it is helping others on those difficult days. Your emails really meant alot to me. My postings may not always appear on a daily basis, but I trust you will all continue to take a look and be encouraged by what I say, and also by using the chat forum to exchange ideas and experiences with others. Communicating with other people who are in similiar situations, helps us all to get through those difficult days.

I've added a "Followers" option at the top right of this blog. It's a place where you can just add your first name and a photo (that's opitional). Of course it's completely your choice if you wish to do this, but I'm thinking that it would be great to see just how many people check into the site and together we can form our community of cancer patients, caregivers and friends. There are very few people who have not been affected by cancer in some way, so by adding yourself as a "Follower" on this website, you'll really be showing all our readers that they are never alone along their cancer journey. The photo is optional, and as you can see, I've added a picture of our pet yorkie, Gabbygail.

I've also added an invitation on the chat forum for anyone who might wish to chat or rant in the evenings, to view the site approximately 7:00pm EST and check out the chat feature. It might take a few days to get going on this idea, but hopefully we'll be able to provide information and discuss our concerns with others.

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