Thursday, November 20, 2008

Each Day is a Blessing

MUSIC: " Blessed"
"Because of Who You Are"

A few days ago while entering a local mall, I encountered a young lady walking with her daughter and her elderly mom trying to desparately keep up as they hurried towards the parking lot. Very loud shouts of "Hurry up old lady" and "Next time you are staying home" could easily be heard from the young woman as she constantly kept turning around and accosting her mom. My first thought was of the ignorance and disrespect that was being displayed while the little granddaughter looked on. More importantly though was the young woman's disregard for not appreciating the great blessing she had of still having her mother, alive and well and able to accompany her to the mall. Such a small blessing maybe, but one that many take for granted.

It seems that it's sometimes not until illness strikes that we suddenly begin to realize just what is important in life and how many blessings we actually have every day to be so very thankful for. Those families like ours who are affected by cancer, definitely learn very quickly to appreciate every blessing.

A scan that gives a report of stability is such a wonderful blessing

A day when there are very few or no side effects felt by a cancer patient after receiving chemo or radiation treatments is a true blessing

A patient who can laugh in any given day after having suffered pain and discomfort on sooooo many difficult days is a true blessing

Finding the right cancer treatment that is showing favourable results after trying many others, is a true blessing

Desperately finding a solution that actually eases an irritable side effect is a true blessing

Interacting with other cancer patients and caregivers to provide support and encouragement is a true blessing

A cancer patient who is enjoying a relatively "good" day from sun up to sun down, is a true blessing

I am thankful to God from whom all blessings flow, and to my family and friends who enrich my life.


Anonymous said...

Right on! More people should appreciate what is important in life.

Anonymous said...

Well Put Deb. Couldn't have said it better myself. lol Those are blessings that I count every day.

Anonymous said...

ditto! thanks again for the reminder deb!

Patti said...

so true! Thanks for sharing!!!
wife to Geoff, Stage III, Grade 3, NED

Anonymous said...

Hi!! You are soo right! I often say how my friends do not realize how much this has changed me and how I look at things.
Thanks for such inspirational writing.