Thursday, November 13, 2008

Here's to the Gals!

MUSIC: "I Am Women"

OK, OK, I hear you..since I've posted yesterday for our "guys" now it's time to give the same honor to all of the strong, determined and courageous women who continue to rise above adversity. I of course cannot remain totally neutral here.

Men, now it's your turn to tell that special woman just how much her courage and strength inspires you.

Women who have cancer give a whole new meaning to the word determination. Since starting this site, I've had the opportunity to meet many who have the immense fortitude to rebound, no matter what comes their way. Whether they face obstacles of surgery, cancer treatments, harsh side effects, hair loss or negative test results, these are all just roadblocks along the cancer highway which they slowly maneuver around, then go full steam ahead to reach the smoother thoroughfares. Their sense of humor is commendable and the gift of inspiration that they instill in others, is immeasurable.

As caregivers, women instantly take on the role of "maintenance" in several different genres. Not only do we become protectors of our loved ones, but we also become advocates to search whatever is available in new cancer treatments and technology, as well as interact with others who can bring us ideas of what works. We take on a role of doing "whatever it takes" to maintain a somewhat normal persona. We mow, plant, repair, and slowly take on more and more responsibility...mostly we do it to keep busy but then again we do it out of necessity it an attempt to erase your loved ones worries. It has always amazed me how human nature allows us to adapt to challenges that we are faced with in life.

This post is also for those women who bring laughter and love to help ease a difficult day!

I dream a painting, and then I paint my dream.

Vincent van Gogh

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karen in ottawa canada said...

So true! As much as I am grateful for the guys in my life, in particular my husband who walks with me along my cancer journey, it is my girlfriends who I can really be truthful with, let it all out with, hash out thoughts and ideas with, no matter how ridiculous. Girl-chat is a lifesaver all on it's own. Couldn't face the day without it! I am forever grateful for old comfy girlfriends and the newest ones who I've come to know and trust in the blink of an eye. We share our questions, experiences and fears, we support each other with information or just kind words and positive thoughts, and we make each other roar with laughter, which continues to be the very best medicine!