Monday, November 17, 2008

You too CAN Reach that Mountain Peak

MUSIC: "Mountains"

Have you ever climbed a mountain?

I've actually climbed this one myself at least three or four times over the years. I remember my first trek to the top, was a constant climb along the unknown, as I had no path to follow and it was a constant struggle through very high brush and thick fir trees. The point to remember though, is that I did make it to the top, despite the grueling obstacles along the way.

The second time I climbed this same mountain the journey was much easier as I discovered a path to the summit - one that had been very noticeably worn down by other adventurers. Without obstructions in my way though, my expendition as mountain climber became less meaningful.

The view from the top was breathless, with miles of ocean across the horizon as far as the eye could see. It was the pinnacle of mother nature and so much worth all of my efforts to reach it's peak. My point to remember is that we all face mountains in our lives of varying heights.

I'd like to share a moment that my daughter and I experienced when my husband was first diagnosed with terminal cancer many, many months ago. It was mid-summer and all three of us had gone inside a local clothing store. My husband walked towards the men's department while my daughter and I strolled towards the ladies section. We briefly looked at the various apparel with little interest as our main concern was keeping a close eye on my husband from a distance. We bothed watched as he looked over several pairs of men's dress pants. He'd take each pair up individually and then slowly lay them back on the rack again. This continued a few times, before I finally knew what he was thinking:

"Why would I buy new clothing, when I only have a few weeks left to live?"

It was a heart wrenching moment for my daugher and I, and we could only imagine just what was going through my husband's mind. We left the store that day very sad, for it was not our intention to remind my husband of the time he supposedly had left.

Now, many, many months later, my husband continues to beat the odds. It has not been without climbing a few mountains along the way, but he scales each one with great courage and determination to reach it's summit. For the most part, each climb has been difficult for him with alot of obstacles along it's path, but it has led him to a mountain top that shows him so much inspiration to NEVER QUIT!

I trust that other cancer patients reading this post, will decide also to not quit, even when the journey may seem so very difficult to travel.

My husband has purchased and also been given many articles of clothing since that memorable day at the store. Looking back now, after receiving such devastating news back then, he could have just given up and probably would most definitely have died. His positive attitude and determination to NEVER GIVE UP has taught all of us a very valuable lesson in climbing our own personal mountains in life.

Listen closely to the song today Mountains by Lonestar and especially these lyrics

There are times in life when you gotta crawl, Lose your grip, trip and fall

When you can't lean on no one else,That's when you find yourself

I've been around and I've noticed that Walk-in's easy when the road is flat

Them danged 'ole hills will get you every time.

Yeah, the good Lord gave us mountains so we could learn how to climb

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Anonymous said...

Your words are very encouraging Debbie and I enjoy checking your site everyday. Thank you for all that you give to others.