Monday, November 03, 2008

MUSIC: "The Prayer"

This is a baby great strength it portrays on this photo! A true beauty of nature and a definite reference to the power of nature.

My music selection today is also a reflection of power, but in a different way. As you listen to the rendition of this beautiful selection, you will instantly hear the magnitude of Josh Groban's vocal abilities. It was by chance that this young man's talent was discovered, as he was unexpectedly invited by David Foster to fill in for Andrea Bocelli at the 1999 Grammys. And the rest, as we say is hostory......................

A horrific football accident resulted in total blindness for the renowned operatic tenor Andrea Bocelli, at the tender age of 12. His vocal talents grew worldwide only because of his determination to keep reaching from within through his strenth and spirit.

I'm writing this short post today to empower my viewers to use your inner strength and power to soar above adversities, especially when you think you are falling so far from the finish line. You can do it!!!........ but it will take determination on your part.

Today might be a difficult one for many, as you receive another chemo or radiation treatment, have to undergo challenging tests or receive an unexpected medical report. I trust you will discover your

power from within!

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Anonymous said...

Very well spoken Debbie! We all need a little encouragement to keep fighting and continue to find our strength within to live from day to day.
You are truly a blessing! Your husband is a very lucky man, to have you in his life.
God Bless!