Thursday, November 06, 2008

MUSIC: "I Will Survive"

Sorry I haven't posted in a couple of days. It's been a busy week!

I am very happy that many of my viewers are meeting each other on our Cancer Cafe chat forum. Everyone is so caring and together we are certainly creating quite a support group for each other. Just this morning I have received emails from other cancer patients in the UK and Scotland who are anxious to join our chat, but due to the time differences are finding it difficult to meet alot of us. We will however find a way to connect.

If I have learned anything since my husband's cancer diagnosis, it is by sharing conversations with others who are affected by cancer, we learn excellent information about what works and we find encouragement to help us get through those difficult days.

I met a man yesterday who is presently receiving radiation treatments...he is amazing! He reminded me so much of my husband with regards to his positive attitude and his determination to not let any obstacles stand in his way during his fight against cancer. He receives his treatmenst on a daily basis. He goes to work every day, arrives at the cancer clinic just in time for his radiation, then returns to his place of business to finish the day. What an inspiring man this is! And to think that there are so many other people out there who complain over the simplest little thing when something goes wrong.

Cancer patients certainly teach other's the true definition of strength. After watching the way my husband deals with his cancer, our family no longer whines when we are experiencing little aches or pains. Why would we? We just pass it aside, because we know first hand what dealing with a real illness means.

Here is a quote that I found awhile ago and it is so very true:
"Cancer changes your life, often for the better. You learn what's important, you learn to prioritize, and you learn not to waste your time. You tell people you love them."
Good luck to those who may be having treatments today, undergoing surgery or meeting with their oncologists for further testing or reports. Just this past week, I've met a lady whose husband is a 14+ year cancer survivor....that is a true testament to this man's great strength!


Anonymous said...

I am definitely going to check in. Hope I can get the correct time.

Anonymous said...

Great name you have chosen Cancer Cafe. Makes me want to put my feet up and relax but I do understand the topic for discussion is very serious. I will join you.