Monday, November 03, 2008

Our "CANCER CAFE" - Sharing Laughter, Experiences, and Worries in our Common Bond of Cancer

MUSIC: "I Get by With a Little Help from My Friends"

The chat forum on this site was only started about a month ago, but already our community of caring participants is growing continuously. My original goal for introducing the chat on my website, was to provide a place where cancer patients, caregivers, and others could chat directly with viewers who share similiar experiences and gain encouragement and support. It is a LIVE CHAT so there's no waiting to receive a's instant response. Just like you are conversing right there in the same room, only this is a virtual room.

It's amazing how you can become friends with someone whom you never personally met. I've already written a post about this particular topic sometime ago, and here's the link if you wish to refresh your mind

When I originally wrote this, I had not been exposed to this Live Chat experience and it sure does put a perspective on innovations in communication. Sure, I've visited other websites and more especially those that are cancer related. They offer excellent information to their viewers which is vital for all of us who are searching for it, I've also posted messages on websites when I've been searching so desperately for answers to unknowns about my husband's cancer and it's side effects, but I've never found a cancer site that offers a Live Chat for those who want to talk instantly with other cancer patients, caregivers, and family or friends who have also been affected at just the mention of the word "CANCER".

Why is a live chat important? It provides the chatters an opportunity to exchange their experiences with others, such as types of cancer treatments they may be taking, it's side effects, what works to eleviate patient's side effects, and the list goes on. For caregivers, it is a place where we can VENT.....all of us experience difficult days as caregivers and just having that special someone who understands EXACTLY what you are going through, really helps take the edge off a difficult day. For family and friends who are affected by cancer, it's a place where you can converse with others in similiar situations. Our

Cancer Cafe is where you will find instant support, encouragement and inspiration!!!

In the short time that our Cancer Cafe has been available on-line we have already met such wonderful people.

I'm asking all of our regular chatters who read this post today to introduce yourselves on the chat forum TODAY and then write a little about how our live chat forum has helped you along your cancer journey!!!

Our usual chat time begins approximately 7:30 pm ADT. It's impossible for all of us to be there every evening, but keep checking and you will find someone there! Just enter your name in the "Anonymous" section at the bottom of the chat and press "ENTER". If one of us is there, we will initiate the conversation, if not, then just post your question and a convenient time that you will return, and I promise someone will be there to chat with you.

Join us for just one chat, and I'm certain you will return again. Remember that the forum is completely confidential with regards to your identity. We want your "first name" only and no one will be able to identify you.

We all need to hold each other's hand, as we travel over hills and valleys along this cancer highway!

This Cancer Cafe chat forum is NOT specific to kidney cancer patients and their loved ones. It is open to ALL cancer patients and their families. I hope to meet you there!


Anonymous said...

I agree totally Deb. Live chat is awesome and it is comforting to know you are not alone. By meeting people who are going through the same thing is makes on feel less lonely. Sometimes the simplest of thoughts can seem terrible about you but when you talk to someone who understands where you are then you don't feel so alone. Join us anytime. We meet every night at 7:30 EST. We are all there to help one another

Anonymous said...

Great Blog Deb it has saved my sanity and given me so much courage and Strength. It is so inspirational. Can't get through my day without it. Glenda