Monday, November 10, 2008


MUSIC: "Pittance of Time"

November 11th is a Day of Remembrance for those who have fought so valiantly in World War I and World War II and subsequent conflicts. It is that special day when we all commemorate the sacrifices of those brave men and women in the armed forces and civilians in times of war.
We enjoy our freedom because of these brave souls and we should never forget the great price they have paid for us. Each year at precisely 11:00am on November 11th we all observe a Moment of Silence in honor of their lives.
Today I would like to share "A Pittance of Time" by well known musical artist Terry Kelly. Click on the following link for background information of just why Mr. Kelly decided to create such an impacting video and then click the next link to watch the video
Click this link to watch his video: (You will need to pause my Music Playlist first, to avoid having two songs play at the same time. Once you have viewed the video, just press the BACK key to return to my website)

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