Saturday, November 01, 2008

You Just Can't Give Up!

MUSIC: "Don't Give Up"

Today I heard about a woman who has received a diagnosis of terminal cancer with only a two month longevity. She has decided to just quit........plain out quit! She's not even going to talk about it to anyone...not even her immediate family, she's not going to learn anything about her type of cancer, she's not going to talk to anyone else who may be experiencing good results with the same type of cancer, or she's not even going to try and find more information via this world wide web or through a cancer support group......she's basically just going to curl up and eventually die without even trying to live!

That is such a pity, but at the same time I can imagine somewhat of how she must be feeling. Her doctor has only given her two months.....that is a topic for another day, as my husband can attest to being given a length of time which he has left to live and I sure hope this patient of whom I speak knows that my husband is still here, many months after he was supposed to have died.

He's not the only one! This is not a unique case. Just join our chat forum and speak to Mary, whose husband has survived his original longevity in a way that will not only amaze you, but also inspire even the most desperate patient out there.

After hearing about his woman who has decided to cut all ties with everyone and just give in to cancer, I just had to write this post. I sure hope she reads this and if any of you know of another person who is in a similiar situation, please pass along my words to them. You see, know one can truly predict anyone's future....we all live in adversity. It might not be as a cancer patient, but we all face challenges in life that at some point, might instill in us the need to just give up.

This cancer patient needs to know that she could be the very patient who just might blaze a trail for others who are facing a similiar diagnosis......whether they be children, middle-aged or seniors. If everyone just gave up, then there would not be many advances in medical science. There would be no innovations in cancer treatments, there would be no statistics of patients who have beaten the odds and most of all, there would be no " HEROS" in all of cancer history.

I really hope that she takes a second look at her options....even though the future may not seem very optimistic right now, she should remember that others have also heard similiar words but they have chosen to fight. Your family is counting on just don't take the easy road and quit! And also remember that you are not the first person who's been given a short term for life, but if you quit, you will be one of the statistics who probably will confirm what the doctor predicted.

If you look at the picture of this yellow bloom that I took just last week, on October 30th on my potentilla outside, you will see that it's a little withered after all summer, but it's still blooming!
There's alot to be learned from looking at this photo. Usually at this time of year, all of the blooms have disappeared, but this one lonely yellow bloom has survived the flowers normal longevity!!!! Wow, just read that sentence once again.........

You see, if you don't even try, then there is NO hope, but if you try, you'll probably be amazed at the results!!!

We are all rooting for you and remember that you can join us in the chat forum for encouragement and inspiration.

I hope you decide to not give up!!!

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Anonymous said...

My prayers are with her. She may be in shock and need time to absorb her doctor's report.