Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Calendar Added

MUSIC: "Calendar Girl"

So, by adding today's song, I figure by now I have gotten your attention and you've noticed the new calendar added to the site. It's rather big, but again I wanted it to grab your attention. For new viewers, please note the Chat Forum that is avalable on Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings and for the regular chatters, we will still continue to connect at random. All are welcome on the Chat Forum if you are affected by cancer in any way as patient, caregiver, family or friends.

I'll also be adding any cancer related seminars or items that will be of interest to primarily RCC patients (i.e. Feb. 11th). Even though I would like to expand the site to include information about all types of cancer, at the moment it would be impossible to do so due to time constrains.

Bear with me, as the layout of the site is becoming a little crowded, but since I have no technical expertise in the area of web design, I'm quite pleased that I've managed to develop this blog so far. All suggestions are welcome at anytime and if you would like a particular upcoming event that is of interest to RCC patients, please pass it along to me in the COMMENTS section under any post.

Look forward to meeting new viewers on the chat soon!

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