Tuesday, January 06, 2009

A Community of Cancer Support

MUSIC: "I'll Be There For You"

Last night I reconnected with a few of our regular chatters on the chat forum. It was wonderful to exchange conversation about what's been happening to each of us over the past few weeks. Even though we have not been chatting due mostly to the Christmas holidays as well as personal committments, I for one definitely missed our weekly chats.

As I thought a little more today about everyone who I have had the priviledge to meet on the chat since starting this website, I realized that even though we share a common thread of cancer, each of us live everyday with the many faces of cancer. Even in our small group, each of us is affected so very differently due to cancer and none of our experiences are exactly the same. I'm not sure if there is any other illness out there that has so many variables and uncertainties.

We are a group of cancer patients and caregivers. We are voices that share our knowledge of cancer from real life experiences. From diagnosis to testing to treatments and to normal chit chat. We feel each other's distraught when a bad report is given and we also feel each other's happiness when good news is received. We learn from each other and most of all, we all understand just what those affected with cancer are going through.

Even if you are not personally affected by cancer, you can still create a special bond with someone who is. Driving them to a doctor's appointment, lending an ear to listen and just being there, or preparing a meal for that patient whose had a difficult day will mean more than you can ever imagine.

If you would like to join our chat, we are usually on around 8:00pm-10:00pm at the time indicated on our website calendar. Hope to see you there!

I'd like to leave the following words that I received from a cancer patient just this morning. It will put what I am saying into the proper perspective.

Whatever time I have, I am going to make it count!

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