Wednesday, January 21, 2009

History Has Unfolded

History Unfolded

History unfolded in 2009 on January 20th for all of mankind
When not only one nation but two hundred plus more
Watched a man create history, too profound to ignore.
The whole world needs mending, many changes to make
And this one chosen man will succeed, just you wait!
With father from Kenya, black roots that run deep
The African people with pride they did weep.
His mother from Kansas, a dreamer was she
Who thought not of “what was”, but of just what “might be”.

History unfolded this cold Tuesday morn
Barack Hussein Obama today would be sworn
As 44th President of the US of A,
Over two million on lookers applauded his way.
From the Washington Monument to Capital Hill
Crowds huddled together the cold winds to distill.
A sea of humanity, sights never seen
All races gathered to be part of this dream.
Classrooms from Africa, Indonesia too
All around the world had a piece of the view.

History unfolded when Obama ran
For the Presidential seat saying “I know I can”
With Michelle by his side right from the start
They devoted their lives to follow their heart!
They led by example, their campaign was clean
Personal attacks never were seen.
Their down-to-earth characters shone everywhere
We knew from the start that they really did care.
When the ballots were counted the winner was clear
Obama would win and the whole world would cheer!

History unfolded as the red lights appear
Motorcades, armored cars, sirens we hear
They’ve just left the church as they worshipped with God
For nothing is possible without His love from above.
Then up to the White House to meet with the Bushes
Michelle brought a gift, there was coffee, best wishes
A letter hand written is there for Barack
From President Bush, then a little more talk
The transition is friendly, both men form a bond
Then within a few minutes both families are gone.

History unfolded as ex-Presidents came
The west front of the Capitol enveloped such fame
Five flags hung with pride showing stars and proud stripes
Brass bands, honor guards, a regal feel was the hype.
And then the announcement came over the speaker
And most of the crowd became so much weaker
As the President-elect slowly moved to his spot
And I couldn’t help wonder just what was his thought
As he looked out over the waving crowd
Each person holding their heads so proud
For this was a man who could bring hope and peace
And a chance for the world that wars would soon cease.

History unfolded as a prayer was then heard
Asking God to grant wisdom then the following words
Commitment to freedom and justice for all
The Lord’s Prayer filled the air at the National Mall.
Tears fell like rain as Aretha then sang
And Obama nodded at “Let Freedom Reign”.
Another performance of a new “Simple Gifts”
And the music rang out and all spirits did lift.
I looked at Obama and he was enthralled
Whatever his thoughts, it was between him and God.

History unfolded when that moment came
It was then they announced Barack Obama’s name
And everyone there was invited to stand as
John Roberts, Chief Justice said “raise your right hand”
The Lincoln Bible was held by Michelle with such care
And Obama repeated each word with an air
Of confidence, honor his words so sincere
And as he was pledging there was many a tear.
What a moment for man and for country, the world
In our hearts we are hoping that change has unfurled.

History unfolded as Obama began
With his speech to the Nation and his words “Yes We Can”!
And “so it has been and so it must be”
Mankind are all equal and mankind are all free!
And then words from the Scripture for all now to follow
Set aside childish things for there’s no time to wallow.
Let’s start the work, let’s not delay
All things we CAN do and WILL do, this I say!
Then final remarks about expectations
America’s a friend to all peaceful nations!

History unfolded
as I saw his lapel
And his US pin, it shone oh so well.
He continued to say that old hatreds would pass
And he’d extend a hand if your fist you’ll unclasp.
He spoke of brave soldiers in deserts at war
Of courage, and kindness and then many more
Traits of hard work and loyalty too
And how they are old, but ever so true.
And to brave icy currents as we carry the torch
Freedom to all generations, we can carry it forth.

History unfolded
on this 20th day
The whole world was watching and I’m sure they would say
That Barack is the one that we’ve been waiting for
To bring change to our world, we could not ask for more.
It’s not going to happen though, just overnight
He will need some time to get it done right
He can’t do it alone, we must all do our part
We must all make a pledge that’s sincere from our heart.
With such a great leader that we’ve welcomed today
As history unfolds we can bring change our way!

History unfolded we have all been inspired
Obama brings HOPE, it is him we admire
We should all take a lead, give it time and don’t grumble
Watch this man, help your neighbor, be a little more humble.
Obama has proved that you just can’t sit by
Your hopes and your dreams can come true if you try
He’s proof it can happen…the impossible CAN
Now become POSSIBLE if we follow this man.
There’s great change in the air, a new world can be molded
We can all play our part now has history’s unfolded.

© Debbie Andrews

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Anonymous said...

Once again Debbie you've completed a great piece of work. Very touching!!! History is unfolding!!