Monday, January 19, 2009


MUSIC: "You Can Make it if You Try"

Over this past weekend, I've been watching many news items of President-elect Barack Obama and listening to his speeches. Just one more day to go before he becomes the 44th President of the US. I am always amazed at how relaxed he appears and how eloquently he speaks. My first impression of him is one of "down-to-earth" characteristics and how he attracts the everyday person with his warm smile and friendly approach. But more importantly, everytime I hear him speak, he leaves me with HOPE and INSPIRATION!

Having "HOPE" can bring about amazing things and without hope you may as well just give up. It's the same for cancer patients. When your doctor first gives you the dreaded news that you have cancer, it is life shattering and it is devastating. But now with modern technologies and new innovations in medicines and treatments for various types of cancer, extending your longevity or even beating it is becoming more and more the norm, as statistics prove without a doubt that cancer patients are beating the odds and living far beyond any medical predictions. Our family knows from real life experiences that you just have to maintain a strong sense of HOPE. As I see my husband's three year anniversary looming on the horizon since the medical experts told him that they had no hope of his surviving, I for one, know that our family's hope has made the difference between my husband's living and dying. HOPE just does not happen!!! You cannot just lie down and accept your have to keep searching, keep communicating and keep the faith!!!

Being INSPIRED goes hand in hand with HOPE. As caregivers and family members of cancer patients, it is our duty to keep those affected with cancer, inspired as much as possible. It's the little things that can help lift their spirits when everything just seems too impossible to bear. Each of us will do it differently and over time you will learn new ways to inspire others, but it is vital to keep your loved ones motivated so that they will have the determination to never quit!!!

I'll be watching tomorrow's inauguration very closely. I'm not even a US citizen, but needless to say I myself want to be there as history unfolds and more importantly to hear the President's speech. Inspiration and Hope is good for any soul and I can assure you that YOU will feel energized by what Mr. Obama will have to say.

When you think about it, who of us would have predicted even three years ago that by tomorrow the first black president of the United States of America would be sworn into office? Not many! It was through determination, hard work and a strong will to never give up, that Barack Obama will make this happen. When you think about it, who would have predicted three years ago that my husband would continue to beat the odds?

So, to state my case to cancer patients once again............don't just accept your fate as being something you cannot change. At least have HOPE to fight your best and win the race against cancer!!! I trust that others will INSPIRE you to keep going when the route is rough to travel.

Keep searching, keep communicating and KEEP THE FAITH!!!

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That "Cardinal" looks a little cold !!!
Thank God it isn't real....