Thursday, January 08, 2009

A Powerful Interview

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MUSIC: "Won't Back Down"

As I watched last night's interview with Patrick Swayze on ABC, instantly I knew he was a true fighter agaist cancer. Anyone who listened to him speak, will certainly agree that he is not just going to accept the medical experts diagnosis of a short term longevity. His determination to keep positive despite the odds and to ignore all of the bad publicity about the length of time he has left, are true ingredients to his winning this battle.

After all.....he just finished acting in a new television series and is soon going to begin another such role. He admits that some days are very difficult while struggling with side effects from chemo, but he does not let that hold him back. Living each day to the fullest has become his motto for survival.

Why do I tell you all of this? It's because I also know from a personal perspective that you just can't always accept the medical diagnosis. My husband is also proof that you can beat the odds. It won't be easy, but if you are committed to maintaining that positive attitude and an inner fight to win, then you WILL and CAN do it!

Far too many patients just go home after a bad report and give up all hope for their survival. Keep searching, keep fighting and most of all keep the faith!

I hope you will be inspired to continue your fight with cancer!!!

Mr. Swayze and my husband are proof that you sometimes CAN beat the odds no matter how high they are stacked against you.

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