Saturday, January 31, 2009

There's Lots of "Help" Out There

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The internet has become such a wonderful resource for me over these past couple of years. For those of you who might be new to the world of cancer, you need to know that there are many, many cancer related websites that will help to answer alot of your unknowns with regards to treatments, side effects, medical professionals, etc for the type of cancer you are dealing with. On my website, I'm primarily posting references for RCC, even though I would like to list areas of interest for other types of cancer, but it would be impossible for me to do that right now due to time limits.

My website is visited by viewers all over the world from the UK, Australia, Hong Kong, Hawaii, Japan, US, and the list goes on. Truly amazing how the internect can connect you instantly to so many people who are experiencing similiar trials and tribulations! So, today I'm going to let you know about a new website that's recently been developed that will provide a support network all over the UK. Of course we can all check it out, as there is an abundance of information on kidney cancer resources, there's a patient forum where you can connect with others via email or right onsite, as well as a support forum shown on a map that will indicate other people who are affected by kidney cancer. You should never feel that you are alone along your journey with RCC or any other type of cancer. The link is as follows

This is just one such link that I'm providing and there are numerous others. I hope to post more in the upcoming days.

Also on my blog, if you scroll down the left side to the area "My Blog List", you will connect as well with other patients and caregivers who have all been affected by RCC. These are incredible individuals who through their own struggles with cancer, offer a great support and information system to all viewers.

The main theme of today's post is that everyone should note that the information highway for any type of cancer is becoming very fast-paced with numerous lanes added everyday. It is impossible to just sit back and think you know everything there is to know about your type of cancer because in reality, treatments and medical innovations can change in an instant. It is up to you to keep searching!!!
Oh, and did I mention that there is always HELP to be found right here whenever you need it!

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Jacki said...

Thanks Deb for posting my blog link!
There are more days then not lately, where I am just completely overwhelmed! Can*er is a monster!
We need more informative bloggers like you! You are a lifeline to me. I appreciate you more than you will ever know!