Sunday, February 15, 2009

Medley of Sacred Music


"How Great Thou Art"

"Nothing But The Blood of Jesus"

"Whispering Hope"

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Urologist versus Oncologist versus Cancer Specialist

"I Need Thee"

My husband was first diagnosed back in 2001 with Stage 4 RCC. Within two days he had an emergency nephrectomy and for the next five years of continuous scans, ultrasounds and MRI's, we were always told that the cancer would not reappear.

My only regret now, is that I was not more frugal in searching everything I could get my hands on via the internet with regards to RCC during those five years. I must have been so naive to always take those test results so casually and most of all to always accept what the doctors always told my husband and I..."your cancer will NOT come back"!

Looking back now, it was just plain stupidity on my part...I didn't even know what an "oncologist" was during those five years....why? because we never were referred to one!!! Anyone of you who are affected by cancer and read that last statement, will most definitely shake their heads. Can't say that I blame you, so that's why I'm writing today's post.

Please ensure that if you have been diagnosed with cancer of any type, that you have been diagnosed by an oncologist who is experienced with cancer. Even more so, once your particular type of cancer has been identified, then you should "insist" that you be referred to a cancer specialist who practices most specifically in your type of cancer. These are the experts who know what's happening with regards to latest treatments and medical expertise. Some oncologists will look further to find more information on their patient's type of cancer, but just in case your present oncologist prefers not to, then by all means, take your health in your own hands and find that expert!

After all, you have the most to lose by not seeking the best medical advice that is available!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Today's Workshop

Just a reminder about today's Telephone Education Workshop on Progress in the Treatment of Renal Cell Cancer, beginning 1:30pm Eastern Time.

Workshop Topics:
  • Overview of Renal Cell Cancer
  • Current Standard of Care
  • New Treatment Approaches
  • The Role of Clinical Trials
  • Managing Side Effects and Pain
  • Communicating with Your Health Care Team
  • Questions for Our Panel of Experts

Pre-registration was required, but you may telephone 1-800-813-4673 to see if you can still participate.

This workshop is facilitated by and cancer patients can also access telephone support groups as well as online support, by contacting them. Various other workshops are scheduled in the upcoming months as well.

Monday, February 09, 2009


"Reach Out and Touch"

Today I accompanied my husband to our local cancer clinic for a routine check. Today we also met two other patients and their by chance and one at an appointed time that we had previously arranged a few days ago.

One of the cancer patients was there to receive another radiation treatment and during the short time that we had the opportunity to chat with him, instantly we knew that he was so determined to do whatever was prescribed in order to win! His positive atttiude was beaming from within.

The other cancer patient and his wife were wonderful people as well. It seemed as though we have known them for quite awhile, even though our first encounter was only today! We had lots of things to talk about and our time together flew by very quickly. We of course will continue now to keep in touch, as both of our husband's share a common thread....the same type of cancer!

Yesterday I called a friend who had just been diagnosed with cancer. Surgery is inevitable but for now, I just wanted her and the family to know both I and my husband are right there with them. We of course will not intrude on their privacy or on the time that they need right now to get over their initial shock of having cancer, but I wanted them to know they are not alone.

A new cancer patient has introduced herself on the chat forum as well. I'm delighted that she has discovered the site and look forward to her meeting our other chatters.

If you know of someone in your area that might be affected by cancer, reach out and show them that you care. Not everyone has a good support system and you'll be surprised at how wonderful you will feel. Even the smallest gesture will most definitely be appreciated.
Dare to reach out your hand into the darkness, to pull another hand into the light.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Medley of Sacred Music


"Open Our Eyes Lord"

"You Are Holy"

"Try a Little Kindness"

"Love Lifted Me"

"The Old Country Church"

"The Reason That I'm Standing"

Friday, February 06, 2009

Accept or Stand Up

MUSIC: "Saturday in the Park"

I took these pictures on a very cold day. For the most part, the local ducks are just sitting around but if you notice closely, one in particular is ready to roll!

Never give up.
And never, under
any circumstances, face the facts!!!
There is a very strong message in the above quote for cancer patients to follow. On Sunday, my husband will celebrate another birthday! It will be a very special day and one for which our family will count many blessings. He is soon approaching his third anniversary of survival!!! Orginally he was given a very short term for longevity, but he's beaten the odds, not by a small margin but by a gigantic leap!
He's proven the medical experts were wrong.....BIG TIME....but most of all he's proven that you just cannot always accept the facts as the whole truth and nothing but the truth. You have to take your health in your own hands and maintain a strong positive attitude and a determination to fight CANCER.
I know the medical professionals most definitely have to follow the results of a patient's tests in order to make their diagnosis, but in reality, those results are not always your final option. People ask my husband all the time what is his strategy for continuing to do so well. His answer:
"Keep positive and don't give up!"
Take another look at the first picture in this post. Basically, you have two is to just lay down and accept a discouraging diagnosis "OR" stand up, spread your wings and be determined to give it your best fight! The choice is yours!
If you choose the second option, it won't always be a walk in the park, but at least you will have stood like a warrior against your cancer!

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

More Informative Videos on RCC

MUSIC: "Three Little Birds"

I've found some very informative videos that are too long to download to this blog, but I'm going to include the link. They all originate from

The Kidney Cancer Association
The University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center
April 2008 (Houston, TX)

Once you access the website, go to the bottom of the page and open the window just above the words Back to Home and you will find several videos listed, particularly for RCC patients. One that I found to be of interest was

"Doctor What Do I Have To Do To Make Sure My Kidney Cancer Doesn't Return After Surgery"

Some of the terminology may be very difficult to understand for any novice like myself, but at least you will be able to gain additional knowledge and information from listening to Dr. Wood's presentation.

Remember that these videos all date back to 2008, almost one year. Not really a long time, but yet, just imagine what new discoveries and medical information has been updated in these past nine months. So, I would suggest that you would listen to the information as a guideline only.

The link to this website is

Trust yourself. You know more than you think you do.

Do You Feel the Weight of the World on Your Shoulders?

MUSIC: "Some Days Are Diamonds"

I receive daily emails and telephone calls from others affected by cancer, who are all trying to find some sense of solace and hope for their situation. I of course cannot give them that magic solution to their medical problems but I can try to help by advising them where information might be available and where they may find support.
As all of us who are afected by cancer know....every person who has cancer is very, very different from another patient who may have the same type of cancer. Each will have different side effects (if any), each will have different medical issues and each might be on very different types of treatment. It is important to know that you cannot compare one cancer patient with another and what works for one, may be entirely different from what another patient may be prescribed.
One common thread though with cancer patients is that some days will be good while others will be very challening. The effects of treatments can be discouraging at times to say the least, but once the effects of the chemo or radiation have passed, most patients feel relatively good. This is important to remember, when you are encountering those difficult days. Beyond those dark clouds there is always sunshine. One day you may feel full of energy, while other days may bring such a tired feeling that you will just want to curl up and sleep for hours on end.
Whatever your cancer brings, it is important to know that someone else also is facing similiar challenges. As Norman Vincent Peale once said "it's always too early to quit" so despite the weight that you may feel on difficult days, I would encourage everyone to never give up!

Monday, February 02, 2009

CT Scan versus MRI

MUSIC: "When You Walk Through a Storm"

I've discovered these 3-D video clips and thought I would share them with you. They may be especially informative for anyone who has not yet undergone a CT scan or MRI and will explain a little of the procedures involved for both.

Once again, don't forget to turn OFF the music before playing the videos!

CT Scan


Sunday, February 01, 2009

Sunday Medley


"Give Thm All to Jesus"

"An Evening Prayer"

"He is the Master of the Wind"

Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has courage to lose sight of the shore