Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Do You Feel the Weight of the World on Your Shoulders?

MUSIC: "Some Days Are Diamonds"

I receive daily emails and telephone calls from others affected by cancer, who are all trying to find some sense of solace and hope for their situation. I of course cannot give them that magic solution to their medical problems but I can try to help by advising them where information might be available and where they may find support.
As all of us who are afected by cancer know....every person who has cancer is very, very different from another patient who may have the same type of cancer. Each will have different side effects (if any), each will have different medical issues and each might be on very different types of treatment. It is important to know that you cannot compare one cancer patient with another and what works for one, may be entirely different from what another patient may be prescribed.
One common thread though with cancer patients is that some days will be good while others will be very challening. The effects of treatments can be discouraging at times to say the least, but once the effects of the chemo or radiation have passed, most patients feel relatively good. This is important to remember, when you are encountering those difficult days. Beyond those dark clouds there is always sunshine. One day you may feel full of energy, while other days may bring such a tired feeling that you will just want to curl up and sleep for hours on end.
Whatever your cancer brings, it is important to know that someone else also is facing similiar challenges. As Norman Vincent Peale once said "it's always too early to quit" so despite the weight that you may feel on difficult days, I would encourage everyone to never give up!

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karen in ottawa canada said...

well said as always Deb! thanks again!