Thursday, February 12, 2009

Urologist versus Oncologist versus Cancer Specialist

"I Need Thee"

My husband was first diagnosed back in 2001 with Stage 4 RCC. Within two days he had an emergency nephrectomy and for the next five years of continuous scans, ultrasounds and MRI's, we were always told that the cancer would not reappear.

My only regret now, is that I was not more frugal in searching everything I could get my hands on via the internet with regards to RCC during those five years. I must have been so naive to always take those test results so casually and most of all to always accept what the doctors always told my husband and I..."your cancer will NOT come back"!

Looking back now, it was just plain stupidity on my part...I didn't even know what an "oncologist" was during those five years....why? because we never were referred to one!!! Anyone of you who are affected by cancer and read that last statement, will most definitely shake their heads. Can't say that I blame you, so that's why I'm writing today's post.

Please ensure that if you have been diagnosed with cancer of any type, that you have been diagnosed by an oncologist who is experienced with cancer. Even more so, once your particular type of cancer has been identified, then you should "insist" that you be referred to a cancer specialist who practices most specifically in your type of cancer. These are the experts who know what's happening with regards to latest treatments and medical expertise. Some oncologists will look further to find more information on their patient's type of cancer, but just in case your present oncologist prefers not to, then by all means, take your health in your own hands and find that expert!

After all, you have the most to lose by not seeking the best medical advice that is available!


Anonymous said...

try not to be so hard on yourself!! Look at how far you've come!! BE PROUD!!

Anonymous said...

My husband had the exact same experience with colon cancer. The Dr. assured us that we were so lucky to have caught it early which is why everyone should have a colonoscopy -this was back in 2004. Imagine the shock in 2008 to learn it had spread to his liver. If only...things would be so different today.

Dennis Pyritz, RN said...

Just cruising the blogs today. I like the way yours is set up with the music, different selections. I also identified with other things: your husband and I were both diagnosed in 2001. We are both miracle patients. My rare form of leukemia had a median survival of 7.5 months. That was 7 years ago! I just started my own blogging community. Please stop by and visit when you had a moment. Take care, dennis