Friday, May 22, 2009

A Cancer Patient "CAN"

It's very easy to become negative when you have cancer and ask "Why Me?". Your frustration and negativity at having cancer will only increase your medical problems.

Easy for me to say, because I'm not the patient, but I have learned from watching my husband as a cancer patient who is always positive no matter what comes his way, is a "key" ingredient in creating an environment that will help to heal your body.

While having cancer is very difficult to accept and deal with, there is also a very positive side as well. You will meet people who are truly caring and kind along your journey. By sharing your experiences you will help many other patients along the way. Your whole concept of what is truly important in life will change and you can choose to make a difference in other patients lives by bringing them encouragement and hope through your experiences.

It is up to you to choose either a negative or positive attitude. Your life will change with cancer but you can put the "CAN" in cancer by your determination in saying

I "CAN" have an impact on someone else's life!

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