Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Cancer "TYPE" Is Key

It still amazes me at the number of people who have been diagnosed with cancer, but never seem to determine or ask their doctor what is their "type" of cancer.

For those of us who have never perviously been exposed to the word CANCER that is understandable. I always thought that there was one and only one type of cancer and that each patient received the same treatments and experienced the same side effects, etc. Little did I understand the enormity and the complexity of a diagnosis of cancer.

There are over 250+ different types of cancer, each requiring different methods of treatment. Here is a link from the National Cancer Institute of these different cancers


For a patient to be told they have cancer, maybe even terminal cancer, and NOT ask what type of cancer it might be is uncomprehensible to me. Many patients will probably be given a diagnosis of cancer and told that there is nothing else that can be done for them, but it is imperative to determine your TYPE of cancer and then start your research from there. A biopsy may be required to find your TYPE and if so, then I would encourage you to have it done. It is only by receiving the correct treatments for your particular TYPE of cancer, that you will know you have done everything possible to ensure you are receiving the best possible care.
Keep researching, keep asking and most of all KEEP THE FAITH!


Jacki said...

Great post Deb!

Just wantd to pop in and tell you that your "Voice For Caregivers" was read by candlelight at the "Relay For Life" in the community I work in Friday night!
It was awesome!!!

Daria said...

Hard to believe there are so many ... but it's true.

Good post...