Thursday, May 21, 2009

Carrot Juice and Cancer

From a personal perspective, my husband knows the benefits of drinking fresh carrot juice. Now it's not as filling as a home cooked meal, but cancer patients at times often have no taste for food, no appetite and absolutely no desire to eat anything. It is especially during these down times that you need an alternative to enhance your diet.

If you don't already have a juicer, then I would certainly encourage you to buy one. No need to get the most expensive one on the market, just a plain and simple model will do. It's not something that you will use constantly, but when you don't have an appetite, it is a very handy devide to have in your home.

I usually buy organic carrots and juice about 7-8 to make approximately two medium glasses of delicious juice. Scrub the carrots with a vegetable brush but try not to peel them, as most of the nutrients lie in the outside of the vegetable. You should probably drink one glass first thing in the morning and another by lunchtime. Don't keep the juice refrigerated for several days, as it's best nutrients are there within a 12 hour period, so making only a small amount will suffice and will be most beneficial for the patient.

There will be many times while taking cancer treatments that your appetite will not be great, so drinking carrot juice offers you the benefit of receiving lots of vitamins and antioxidants when you need them most. The taste is actually not bad at all and you can also add an apple or other fruit to the mixture to sweeten the taste.

Our mothers always told us that carrots were good for your eyes....well it turns out that carrot juice offers many more benefits as well. I'm no medical expert so check it out with your doctor but there's numerous links online as well that will confirm what I've just written.

If you find a good website about this, just post the web address on the chat forum for others to research and I'll also post them below.

Good luck....and enjoy that nice cold glass of carrot juice on a hot summer's day! provides carrot juice recipes this one deals with alternative medicine but includes some interesting facts about carrot juice as well as other types of food that you can convert into a juice. scroll down the page to read why drinking carrot juice is advised for cancer patients

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