Tuesday, June 09, 2009


I received an invitation on my last blog to check out the following website


One page in particular that really caught my eye was one that lists numerous blogs that relate to the different types of cancer. It must have been an enormous task to locate these blogs and then list them. This is a very good resource for those who wish to connect with others about not only kidney cancer, but the many other types that are out there.

I can speak personally on how it's of the utmost importance to interact with others with whom you can discuss various side effects and what works to subdue them, you can learn about new treatments and you can find wonderful support and inspiration on those difficult days.

So.....check it out! Pass along this information to others......get connected....and get informed!!!

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Michelle said...


I am new to your blog, having found you through beingcancer.net as well. I am the wife of a cancer survivor (almost two years: Hodgkins Lymphoma, hip, hip hooray!). I am in tears after reading your beautiful 'Voice for Caregivers' poem on the sidebar. I think you have been reading my mind. I would love to compare notes with you on this train of thought....