Tuesday, June 16, 2009

OK, I'm Excited

Wow...I just added an Excel Spreadsheet to my blog!!! Now that's exciting!!!

No, I haven't lost my marbles but just think what this new feature will mean to cancer patients who check out my blog and discover what works to help alleviate side effects. It's in the early stages of design but now I need your input. Tell me what works for you and your side effects and I will add it directly onto the worksheet. I will need to know what type of medication you are taking, your side effects and what you do to combat them. The sky's the limit here!!!

I've just listed two possible treatments of Sutent and Torisel, but there are many others to add to the list. I'll include any type of meds, not just those for kidney cancer so let me know.

Also, with this spreadsheet I can add new sheets with various information for all of my viewers such as your contact information if you would like to share that with others. I need suggestions!

Give me suggestions "please"! You can send me an email at daandrews@eastlink.ca or you can just post your information directly onto the chat forum and I'll take it from there. It will probably take a few days to get this all up and running more efficiently. The spreadsheet is in it's initial stages, so please bear with me.

Suggestions, suggestions, suggestions......send them my way!

The purpose of this spreadsheet is to provide information to all cancer patients that will help make their lives a little easier in any way that's possible.

Together we CAN do this
Use the "scroll" key at the bottom right of the worksheet to see more information

1 comment:

Daria said...


Thank you for your kind words. We all need to work together on this journey.

Your spreadsheet is a great idea that others can learn from.

Since August 2008 I've been on chemotherapy ... Taxotere (Docetaxel) for metastatic breast cancer ... 3 week cycle.

Let me know if you need anymore info.