Thursday, June 18, 2009


I just finished reading another post by my friend Jane in the UK at the following link

Yes, it's impossible to put a value on a life, and it is indeed priceless. When you have been diagnosed with a terminal illness, how can governments deny patients who cannot afford life-saving therapy, the very drugs they need to stay alive?

The cost of these drugs are enormous and how can any one individual afford them? Some insurance companies will cover a portion if you are fortunate to have that kind of coverage, while other companies refuse to accept the liability.

Wouldn't each and everyone of us want drugs that are available to sustain our lives? You may not have cancer, but another terminal illness that would require similiar life saving medicine. I wonder how government officials and the powers that be would feel if one of their loved ones were suddenly diagnosed with a terminal illness and they could not afford coverage of such detrimental drugs.

Governments most definitely need to take a very indepth look at the new medicines that are now available for terminal patients to sustain their lives. Measuring costs against a life is NOT acceptable in any part of the world in which we live.

The creation of life is a miracle and those who fight each day against terminal illness in order to survive, need to be recognized and need to know that they are receiving the BEST treatments available.
COST shoud NOT be the main factor involved!

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