Monday, June 22, 2009

You're Our Hero

My husband had a wonderful Father's Day yesterday!

It was made extra special when both of our daughters were home to celebrate their Dad's special day with him. One daughter was expected home for dinner, while the other arrived home as a total surprise. Needless to say, their Dad was delighted beyond words.

My song today is about HEROES and as I've posted a couple of times before, I most definitely refer to all cancer patients as true heroes. They need to be recognized for all they endure, for their determination to never give up and for the inspiration and strength that they pass along to others.

Our family has been truly blessed and we cherish each and everyday.
Even though yesterday was a day of celebration to honor our fathers/husbands/sons/brothers....let's make everyday extra special by telling ALL CANCER PATIENTS just how much we appreciate their heroism and their immeasurable courage!
My husband is without a doubt our hero
and a true warrior!


Darlene Myers said...

Debbie, What a great picture of Father's Day. I love your blog, and the pictures are outstanding.
Keep up the inspiring, as all of us need inspiration from time to time.
Darlene Myers

Anonymous said...

I feel that even though the cancer fighters are true Warriors, the Caregivers who stand beside us deserve a medal and are to be honored for what you all do. Without your love and support, no Warrior could survive very long. Thanks for all that you do.