Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Do You Need Energy?

My husband was feeling very tired there a way back and one of our regular chatters, Joanne, passed along this remedy that she found to give her more energy. What is this magic potion you ask?

B12.....!!!! So, my husband checked with his doctor before starting them (as you should be sure to do as well) and he's been taking the B12 tablets now for almost a month. His energy levels seem to be much better, so I'm thinking it has to be the B12 that's doing it.

When you are on treatments for cancer, it can certainly zap all of your energy levels big time. It's not uncommon to see a patient at any clinic taking a short snooze while waiting to see his/her doctor.

Whenever you feel tired, then the thing to do is take that nap. You just might need a few winks but it will give you that much needed boost of energy. In the meantime, why not ask your doctor on your next visit about the B12.....and let me know if you find it makes a difference.

By the way, don't forget that my spreadsheet to possible remedies for side effects is located at the bottom of this page!!! Your input of what works for you is always appreciated. Just post a comment telling me your type of cancer and type of treatment you are on, along with your side effects and what works for you and I'll add it to the worksheet.

Take care everyone!

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Sandy said...

My husband also struggles with fatigue as many cancer patients do. Just yesterday I started him on Ginseng. I had heard about a clinical trial that is using American Ginseng and was helping some. We asked the oncologist and he said it would be OK to try it if we wanted to. He just started yesterday so I hope it helps