Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Michael Jackson Honored

Listening to Michael Jackson's Memorial Service this afternoon, I realized what an amazing man this individual was.

At times we tend to listen to the not-so-good news that is constantly portrayed in the media and become too judgemental before we hear all of the information.

All of those individuals who were chosen to speak, sing or provide the music at today's Memorial Service presented a very real image of the type of person Michael actually was. Not only was he one of the best in songwriting, dancing and singing, the one theme that rang so very clear this afternoon was the fact that Michael Jackson gave so very, very generously to charitites all around the world. Wherever the need was greatest, he was sure to contribute to ease someone's burden. He was known by the Guinness World Record Book as the Pop Star who supported the most charities. A listing follows at this link

He has been presented with the Humanitarian Award for his fight in combatting AIDS, along with numerous awards for his musical artistry. Certainly his talents and caring attributes for mankind has touched us all.

His songs "We Are the World" and "Heal the World" help to show his vision for peace and harmony around the world.

May we all learn not to be too hasty to cast our opinions on others just because of what we may hear about any individual, without taking the time to know just what a person is really like from the inside.

His daughter Paris said it best at the conclusion of the service today when she told us all
"that he was the best father you could ever imagine".

May He Rest In Peace

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Anonymous said...

What a nice tribute and well said. Thank you! Ellen