Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I Can't Get No, Satisfaction!

My husband has been involved with the medical environment now for quite a few years. For the most part, receiving medical care has been good. There have been a few instances though that while we would rather forget about them, it has helped both him and I to be more assertive when needed, to ensure we get the medical service that is afforded to every individual.

There have been many cut backs in health care within our country, as I'm sure there have been in most countries around the world. A former prime minister of ours in all of his great wisdom, decided that funding for health care should be reduced and ever since then our system has been slowly deteriorating from what it was back in the 80's to sometimes that of a third world country. It's absolutely disgusting to think that our emergency rooms are overflowing with patients who are not always emergencies, but because they can never find a private practice doctor available when they have a medical crisis, they are forced to go to hospitals instead to resolve their medical problems. Waiting times are becoming longer and longer and no one can convince me that sitting in any waiting room in excess of 6+ hours is acceptable! OK....don't get me started...... Wait times for tests are absolutely deplorable and for many, such as my husband, by the time you finally get that CT or MRI after knowing there's definitely something medically wrong with you, then you are in an even more serious situation. Not to mention the mental stress and anxiety that you and your family endure while awaiting your fate. Do you really think that if those who are in power to change this system needed medical care, they would wait like the rest of us?

If you are awaiting a procedure that cannot be scheduled for many weeks ahead, then contact your government representative, contact your federal member, send emails to your prime minister/president. There is strength in numbers and it's only by putting on pressure that we can all make a difference for those who need immediate medical care.

Always seek a "specialist's" opinion about your type of cancer. Your oncologist should never question your request for that second opinion.

Don't ever think you are a bother to your physician if you need to visit him/her. You need their support now more than ever, and they will appreciate your wanting to discuss any concerns you may have.

Bottom line here is that it's your health we are talking about here.

You deserve the best possible medical care there is and don't be afraid to speak up if you think you are not receiving it.

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