Thursday, July 23, 2009

This Fruit is Especially Good For You

Yes, we've all heard about the benefits of eating fruit and the fresher the fruit, the better it is for you.

There's one fruit in particular that does not get enough notoriety. It belongs to the apple family and this particular fruit offers alot of benefits for those who eat it. Have you guessed it yet?

I wanted to share with you something very interesting about PEARS!!!

Yes, the very nutritious fruit of which I speak is PEARS !!! When my husband was first diagnosed back in 2006 and was unable to eat due to his being very ill, his doctor told him even if he could not eat the delicious hospital food or any other type of food that his family most readily would bring to him, first and foremost he should force himself to eat "pears". Why pears????

His doctor told us that a pear consists of very rich nutrients, it is a quick source of energy and helps the body retain much needed calcium.

It is very rich in vitamin C and helps protect the body's cells from oxygen related damage caused by free radicals. It helps reduce blood pressure and the possibility of stoke.

Eating pears help protect women against postmenopausal breast cancer and it's high pectin level helps reduce the bodies cholesteral levels.

Note for cancer patients

Pears help strengthen your immune system because of their antioxidant properties.

So.......upon the doctor's advice I've been buying pears for my husband ever since. While eating raw ones are more beneficial, they are not readily available in our area in their freshest state until late July and August. There for awhile it was pears for dinner, supper and as a snack. Needless to say, at times my husband has absolutely NO desire for pears....LOL...., but when he's not feeling well, he knows that it's one of the best foods he can eat, and he does!

So, I'd suggest you'd get some for your cupboard to eat whenever your appetite is not good or when you need a boost of energy. Keep them refrigerated as cold pears seem to go down much easier.

OK....I'm off to the's Pear Season in our area and there's nothing better for the entire family then fresh pears!!!!



Sandy said...

Very interesting and useful information. My husband loves pears so I will be buying more for him. Thanks for the info.

Anonymous said...

wow i didn't know that....thanks I'll sure include PEARS on my next grocery list

karen in ottawa canada said...

thanks for the info Deb - didn't know that about pears! will definitely add more of them to my diet, along with my berries berries berries!

kenny said...

pears are good, and BERRY fruits are good as well,my father's doctor told me that all the fruits with a word BERRY in their names are good for patients of kidney cancer, such as strawberry, waxberry, blueberry, etc. not sure if it's good for patients of other kinds of cancer.

Sue G said...

Thanks for the suggestion. I had no idea. While pears are not my first choice, I do like them. So, armed with this new information, they have moved to first place on my grocery list.

I still have not managed to catch anyone on the chat line, but I keep looking. One of these days....

Thanks for all you do. Hope your husband is doing well. You too!