Wednesday, July 08, 2009

You Have the Power!!!

For those of you who may be encountering bad days because of your cancer diagnosis and fear of the unknown, I want to share this little story with you.

Someone recently told my husband that he was an amazing person! Well, I've known that for quite a few years now, but I'll share with you the reasoning behind this latest comment.

Apparently, there's another individual in our hometown who recently was diagnosed with cancer. This person was shocked at the news and of course resigned himself to think that all future hopes and dreams would never become reality. He suddenly became withdrawn and very depressed about his medical situation. This is quite a common reaction to hearing the news that you have cancer, but.........someone told this man to go visit my husband.

Well, my husband, being the ever optimistic person that he is had a very indepth talk with this cancer patient. I of course, don't know the ingredients of their conversation, but apparently the patient was most definitely inspired by what my husband told him, and he has suddenly become a very outgoing and positive person and is feeling soooo much better!

Since my husband received his diagnosis of terminal cancer, now well over three years ago, he has "always" maintained a very positive attitude. His religious belief has never waivered despite many difficult days and he never allows anything or anyone to give him negative vibes. He has had many mountains to climb, but he's conquered each one with the same stamina as any great climber who has reached the peak of Mount Everest! When things seem almost impossible, his comment is always "don't worry, everything will work out" and it always does.

He has proven without a doubt, that maintaining a POSITIVE ATTITUDE is a vital key in fighting cancer. "You" have the power to also keep positive, despite the difficult days and obstacles that you will encounter along the way.

Listen closely to the words of the song "Power of the Dream", and more especially to the lyrics

There’s so much strength in all of us

Every woman, child, and man

It’s the moment that you think you can’t

You’ll discover that you can!

Don't dwell on the negative but try to find the "good" in your affliction with cancer by inspiring others!!!


Sandy said...

Deb - You are soo right. My husband was diagnosed with terminal cancer this past March and his positive attitude is contagious. Sometimes it amazes me when he is so strong as I am breaking down. Also I love your Voice For Caregivers, only those who have been there will ever understand that what you say is so true!

Sue G said...

I always tell people to hope, to expect a miracle, to expect the best no matter what the report states or what the statistics mean. I figure if I live my life believing I am healed, if the day comes when I find I was wrong, will I feel foolish for believing? Of course not! It would just mean that I lived the time I had on earth in peace and joy. Never give up hope. Never give up on God's ability to work miracles. Never give up on YOU.