Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Celebrate Life!

My song choice with this post is "Celebrate Life" by a Canadian signer, Terry Kelly. Terry is a cancer survivor himself and this song was written by him to honor and recognize those whose lives have been touched by cancer.
His theme throughout the song is in keeping with his own thinking of
"I am grateful for the gift of gratitude. I am grateful for the life that I have lived, for the life that I am living and for whatever life I have left to live. I am especially grateful for the loved ones and acquaintenances that I have shared, are sharing and have yet to share the joys and sorrows of the world with me. I am also grateful for the gift of choice, to choose between celebrating life or not."
I have had the opportunity to meet Mr. Kelly on several occasions, and each encounter with this amazing person inspires me to no end. He is a song writer, singer, motivational speaker and the list goes on.

Why, you ask does this particular individual stand out?

Terry has lived with adversity all of his life, but he has not allowed his blindness to incapacitate him in any way. He has received the prestigious Order of Canada which is our country's highest honor for lifetime achievement, he has performed on stage with great singers like Faith Hill & Ray Charles, and has achieved many university degrees along with an Honourary Doctorate for "his contribution to humanity". I'll attach his web link for your reference to read more about this amazing person

Why do I write a post about Terry?

It's because he defines the word INSPIRATION in it's every aspect. Most people who are faced with life's challenges, would choose to just accept what has been given them and not continue to achieve anything more. They would live day-to-day wallowing in self pity for the personal challenges that they have been diagnosed with, and most definitely not continue on living a productive and rewarding life style as Terry does.

Although a diagnosis of blindness is not the same as a diagnosis of cancer, you too can continue on to help others in similiar fashion as Terry. How? You can become a motivational person as well to others who face a cancer diagnosis. Once you accept your medical situation, then it is time to keep a positive attitude and continue on with living life as routine as possible. That will not always be an easy task, but on good days, it will be achievable.

No two people are the same with cancer. You will hear about how others experience various side effects from their chemo or radiation treatments. Don't dwell on everything negative, but concentrate on the positives and it will most definitely make for reduced side effects. Keep busy, keep positive, make a commitment to travel down that highway of discovery and most of all continue each day living to the fullest.

I trust that Terry's song will inspire you to


Daria said...

Thanks for that post ... I would like to post Celebrate Life on my blog one of these days. It is a very inspiring song.

Whidbey Woman said...

Good song. Good post.
We all need a reminder to stay positive.