Saturday, August 29, 2009

Wow! 166 Posts!

I just realized yesterday that my blog has been here a little over one year. I personally never thought I would keep it going, and even though there's been a few times when I've fallen behind with my writings, you have all been very loyal viewers who still keep checking back to see if the blog is still being updated.

Right from the start, the reason behind my starting this blog was for me to find support and encouragement from others out there who have traveled similiar roads as our family, and for me to share some of my husband's journey, so that other cancer patients and their caregivers/families would know that you just can't stop fighting, even when the medical experts tell you that things are not looking so great.

This past year has connected me with people from all around the world. For the most part, we all share the same concerns, the same uncertainties and the same diagnosis of "cancer". It's a scary word for sure, but with all of the modern technology and advances even over the past three years many who have cancer, are in a much better time and place to find treatments that will decrease their tumors, extend their lives and even rid their bodies of this dreaded disease.

Everyone who has been so kind to leave messages, or join my "Followers" or share in our live chat, has given not only myself, but my husband as well, invaluable information. We all share that common bond of cancer and we all need each other to help us through. I have discovered that it is only those who travel this cancer highway, that truly know how not only the patient feels, but also the caregivers and families feel as well.

One regret that I have had with this blog, is the fact that I cannot share the personal side of our story too much with my viewers, due to the fact the many who read this blog, know us personally and of course I don't want to tell the "truth, the whole truth". I don't lie on this blog and everything I've written is straight from the heart, but there have been times when I could have included other info for patients and caregivers, but unfortunately it was very personal and not for those who know us personally who for the most part, just happen to check my blog to see what I've written. I do however share personal info with my regular viewers via my email address.

I can't thank all of you enough for just being there.......your friendship has been invaluable to me and your wealth of knowledge has helped my husband more than I could ever say. The medical experts give you the diagnosis, but it's the patients who know what works and what doesn't.

During this second year, I will probably make changes...heck, I might even start another blog but I'll be sure to let my viewers know. I have plans to actually meet some of my viewers in the upcoming months who are traveling to my area and that is awesome to say the least. One viewer recently told me that I have helped bring her through difficult times this past year through some of my posts. If I have helped make anyone's difficult moments a little easier, than this blog has well been worth it and please know that so many of you have helped make this past year so much easier for me as well.

I will continue my posts soon, but it's been a busy August month so hopefully things will settle down a little during September and I will gather my thoughts once again and share them with you. I will soon plan a "Live Chat" and will email everyone of the time and date. It will be wonderful to connect with you all again!

One year later, wow! 166 posts later.....double wow!!! So many friendships formed and so many caring viewers out there who really and truly understand.

We have all been so very blessed!!!


Joanne said...

I thought maybe you were planning a trip to Ontario when you said meeting up with fellow viewers. Darn! We have room here. You are always welcome. Take care. Talk to you soon.

Daria said...

It's quite the journey ... all the best to you.

Hayley said...

My husband is battling Kidney cancer as well, and a few posts back you were asking about mouth sores. He is on torisel, and when he first began his treatments he had them really bad. He now is getting drops from a wellness center and it has done amazing things for his mouth.

karen in ottawa canada said...

Hi Deb - I too will be celebrating 1 year this month - it was Sept 12 last year that I was diagnosed with this kidney cancer - my life has changed dramatically. I was so scared when diagnosed that I would be dead in a matter of months or so - and here I am one year later with no visible cancer. I count you and my other friendly blogger buds as some of the best things that have enhanced my life this past year. Life is good - so says my newest tattoo - wonder if we could get a Life is Good team going - anyone else want to join me with a similar tattoo?? you only live once, and I love having this tattoo on my inside wrist, just as my daily reminder to seize the day. I'll change my profile pic so you all can see it. I'm in the midst of plans with my tattooist, to enhance it a bit with some scrollwork, teeny flowers, etc. Will fill you in on the details once we get the plan finalized.

carolanne said...

so glad to read you are still with us Deb. Missed hearing from you, You have been my salvation at times when I needed it. Would not have known what to do at times without your messages of encouragement Deb-you truly have done so much for soo, soo many people. I think you have found your niche in life-helping others!! Hugs Carol Anne